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Konechne: Ag Pride and memories of yesterday

Dear Carrie,

I just wanted to congratulate you and others on that neat magazine I received called Ag Pride. I read all the stories once and some of them twice.

I really liked the one on HomeGrown on page 46.

I am one month away from my 88th birthday and on the same farm I bought when I was only 22 and fresh out of the Army with $800 in my pocket. I’m on Box Elder Creek, right north of the Windmill truck stop and run cattle along the Interstate right across from Coca Cola and All around Harley Davidson all the way to Black Hawk (near Rapid City, SD).

When I started out, I spent my $800 on a used auto and 50 head of sheep. My dad had a flowing well drilled and we had a 40 acre irrigation permit with 30 acres all in vegetables.

Dad and I had over 20,000 tomato plants in plus sweet corn, cukes and everything else. The way we got rid of all these tomatoes was an ad every fall “pick them yourself for $1/bu” or we picked them for $3/bu. I ran the honor system where you waited on yourself, left money in a cigar box and went your way. We built up a great trade; people came back year after year.

I got into cattle when coyotes and wild dogs got into sheep. I sold at Sturgis Livestock and have so many buildings built on this place it looks like a dude ranch. You’d love it.

Thanks for reading this.


Don Konechne

Don – Thank you for your kind words and your blessed memories. We cherish all of our readers and we appreciate that your generation has nurtured the next generations to stay active in agriculture. Your work ethic and love for the land is noble and inspiring.

As a side note, our Digital and Sections Editor, Maria Tibbetts does a fantastic job of putting together all of our glossy magazines and she was very pleased to read your note.



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