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Lead a life that matters

I haven’t roped much. In fact I just started. If you are a roper than you probably can remember the first time you roped in the pen. Before you got to this point you had to learn to hold your rope, swing it, coil it properly, release it, and where to look when you threw it. You probably even threw the rope hundreds, if not thousands of times at a ropin’ dummy, before you ever roped a calf. But the reality is, when you go to catch your first calf, it’s nothing like you practiced. Everything is moving. Your horse, your rope, the calf. There’s so many things to think about and it’s all happening at once. It may even look messy or awkward.

Now, to someone who is an experienced roper, many of the things I’ve mentioned come automatically. They no longer have to think about coiling their rope, or how they hold it, they probably think very little about their swing or dally. They probably think very little about the position of their horse or the position of their shoulder. These things come automatically through practice. It looks smooth and easy.

They have learned to lead their horse to a position of success. They have learned to see themselves catching, dallying or tying off. They have learned from experience. Those that are truly good at what they do see it first. Have you ever been moving a group of cattle and you see cowboys go through the motion of roping with their hand but there is no rope in it? Or if they take down their rope, they catch a hind leg of a calf loosely just for practice. It got me to thinking about other areas of life.

How important is it to practice this same thing in our jobs, or relationships, or something we aspire to do. If we can see it, believe it, and do it. This isn’t just a name it and claim it activity but it’s actually Biblical.

“Take every thought captive to obedience to Christ.” 2 Cor. 10:5.

God is the creator of our mind. If He says to take every thought captive, He means for it to be for our benefit. If we rely on ourselves than we are apart from God and His design for our lives. What if we saw ourselves as made in His image, believed it, and acted like it. What if we saw ourselves as productive, believed it, and acted on it. What if we saw that we could have good friendships, good marriages, good families, and we believed it and acted like it. What if we read what God desired for each of these areas? Could we see ourselves as God sees us, believe what God has said, take action on His truth?

All three things are necessary to succeed. If we only see it, than we are only dreamers. If we only see it and believe it, than we are like the roper who only makes it to the ropin’ dummy and never practice on a live calf. If we see it, believe it and act on it, than we are in the pens ready to catch our first calf. We never have to do this alone. God has given us an instructor, a helper, which He calls the Holy Spirit. He will also give us people in our lives who can help us along the way.

It may seem “way out there” to dare to believe and then actually do something but it would be better than not trying at all. If we want to lead a life that matters than we have to believe our life does matter. We have to act on being leaders and not just followers. The one we need to act on following is Christ. To act in a way that inspires others to lead. To act in a way that inspires our family to lead. Don’t stop being a leader even if so many others are choosing to let go of values, morality, and integrity. Lead with all those things in mind. Lead in public, lead in private. See yourself as the leader you need to be, believe you can be the leader God intended you to be and take action.

We need leaders, don’t wait another day to fall back into your old thinking. Step up and lead. Just keep in mind that when you take action, just like that calf in the pen, that everything will be moving. Everything will be in action, even thoughts of failure. Practice makes good leaders. The more we practice leading the way God intended, the more we will be listening to Him for leadership. The more we surround ourselves with other good leaders, the better we can implement their actions. The more we lead, the more leaders we can make.

What can you do today, that will make you a better leader? Always love hearing from you.