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Letter to the Editor


I want to thank you for the articles you have done in Livestock News about women in rodeo, especially the articles about Native American Rodeo women.

What a wonderful thin you are doing!

I was in rodeo for many years first as a trick roper. Been to Madison Square Garden, Cow Palace in San Francisco, all over the US and Canada performing at rodeos. I wrote articles for Hoof and Hors, Rodeo Sports News, Western Horseman in the years 1950-1970 and was even in the stock contracting business with my husband Bud Cooper. The horses you see called Sutton rodeo horses all came from our bucking horses, mares, colts and stallions sold to Suttons in 1979.

I all of this experience in rodeo I have never seen any paper write articles about Native American rodeo people, as you are doing.

Thank you so much!


Regina Cooper