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Letter to the Editor: Dynamic Geology

Dear Editor

Dynamic Geology

We know the tale of man

Lain down in verse

A psalm from graven scripture

A poem gone bad to worse

There be a tale I would weave

That might cause you pause to ponder

To reflect on man’s intent

And O the taste of cool, sweet water

For years to sat our hunger

Of yellow gold in ground

We would wash and spray to purify

And the waste we left impound

The came a day the gates were chained

The soil stripped and bare

A lingering glance, a vagrant thought

Became a knowing stare

A vision of this waste impound

Stagnate in brooding minds

Conjured solution from the fount

Then turned on wheels sublime

The breach the hold that stayed

This golden sludge impure

Nublous shadows thus imbued

Imbrued a stream held dear

As detritus married the maiden flow

Did the wrong bemoan their soul?

Or did this loss of purity

Invest a bestial glow

Yet, what stirs most my incredulity

Is the silence beyond the plot

Me heart just skipped two beats

Whisper, do I breathe or not

Through what grace I fail to ken

The guilty through duplicity

Have skipped into the darkness

To thread the curtain of anonymity

Were this diluvial torrent upon my head

With guild of devastation

There would be no diminished admonition

Only pointed howls of desecration

The hound of immutable justice

Be baying at my heel

The fourth estate to fuel the flame

To change man’s heart to steel

‘Twould be no small offense

No question, upon the list

For high crimes against dame nature

I would be deemed a terrorist

And so becomes my question

With respect of candidity

If someone could only answer

What has become of accountability?

For truth, how may that pass this act off

As mere stupidity

Then cower ‘neath the skirt

Of sovereign immunity


John Snyder

Weston, Wyoming