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Letter to the Editor: Enjoying Pastor in the Pasture

Dear Editor,

How much we enjoyed Pastor in the Pasture by Wendel Elliot and are looking forward to the next one. Since we live so close to nature as rural members of your readership and deal with life and death in the starkest terms, as so many did in October 2013, especially in the western part of South Dakota, many times we do some very serious thinking about the meaning and purpose of life on the agricultural front. To survive, we make jokes to carry us through the heartbreaking times, and store up the good times in our hearts to encourage us to believe things will get better. I’m sure Pastors have to do the same thing. After all Jesus must have been able to enjoy life, too, or people would not have been drawn to Him even o this day. Thank you.

Robert and Claralee Dillinger

Gillette, Wyoming

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