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Letter to the Editor from Gary Velder: Stop the USMCA

Dear Friends at Tri-State:

Please help us STOP the subversive USMCA!

The devil is in the details. Chapter 30 sets up an appointed UN commission to “manage” all the transfers of U.S. power to the new USMCA bureaucracy! Our Representatives in Congress refuse to acknowledge this or even discuss it. This is a merger type agreement, in that the U.S. will be “integrated” with Socialist Canada and Mexico the same way Europe is now facing. The U.S. will lose its sovereignty.

Remember COOL? Congress was forced to repeal COOL because NAFTA demanded it. This new agreement will be even worse and unelected globalists will control all U.S. trade policy. Fifty seven percent of the USMCA comes out of the TPP which President Trump scuddled. Unfortunately he kept Robert Lighthizer, the long time CFR operative, a subversive who wants to merge the US into a globalist UN in which our freedoms under the US Constitution will be gone. Take action as suggested in: https://www.jbs.org/usmca/

If we allow this to pass Congress, it will be the end of the cattle industry as we have known it!

Sincerely, Gary Velder

Newell, South Dakota

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