Stan Kutay: Thank you for your information |

Stan Kutay: Thank you for your information

After receiving and reading several of the complimentary copies of Tri-State Livestock News, I want to thank you for publishing the best, most informative information on current agriculture and livestock issues available via our alternative news sources. I would like to highlight the following articles and columns in the Aug. 10, 2019 issue:

*Serious Situation by Tamara Choat

*Beef to European Markets by Amanda Radke

*Guest opinion by Chuck Kiker “Its time the cattle industry takes their checkoff back.”

All of the above discuss truly current issues for our industry and present perspectives on each of them that are not readily available in any other of our news media. They are must reading for those that want to see our ability to continue to be a productive part of the livestock producing industry.

Thank you for your diligence and I will be a full time subscriber.

Stan Kutay


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