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Letter to the Editor: Training complex a property rights issue

The Feb. 7, 2015, Rapid City Journal article written by retired General Loh, who showed his arrogance and ignorance of rural America with his support of the Powder River Training Complex.

I went to some of those scoping meetings in Montana and South Dakota and found that 95 percent of the people were against this proposal, and for good reasons. This is a property rights issue and a dangerous proposal to rural airports, farmers, and ranchers.

The use of flares and metallic chaff is a threat of fires and pollution of our good grasslands. The economic engine of our state is again threatened by the entity that has proven itself untrustworthy by its past performance.

The congressional delegation of Montana is to be congratulated for their backbone and good sense resistance to the growth of the military industrial establishment. It is that growth that former World War 2 Commander and U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. It leads us to more undeclared wars and waste.

The Center for Defense Information and Project for Government Oversight do not approve of this foolishness. We in rural America are the real patriots, not pimps for the military industrial complex. We must resist.

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