Mother’s Day Branding |

Mother’s Day Branding

Yvonne Hollenbeck

Oh, blessed is the woman who invented Mother’s Day,

a time to show our gratitude in kind and thoughtful ways.

But why does it have to be that same Sunday every May?

That’s the day our neighbor has his annual branding day.

Of course one has to help; that’s what all good neighbors do,

but it upsets the missus and will put her in a stew.

Each year I hear the same thing, how I shouldn’t go at all,

but that neighbor always helps us with or roundup in the fall.

I’ve tried to make excuses but that only makes things worse.

I’ve invited her to go along but all she did was curse

when I told her that way she could spend the day with me,

and she could help the wife who has so many men to feed.

I’ve told her that I care for her much more than any other,

but she shouldn’t get upset because she is not my mother.

I sensed a little anger when she shook her fist at me

and told me I’d be sorry for my insensitivity

because next month when it’s Father’s Day, she plans on being gone

and said she hopes that I feel awful when I spend the day alone.

I let her think she’d won the war, but just between you and me,

there’s a roping up at Ft. Pierre and that’s where I plan to be.

But I’ll try to smooth things over and take her out to dine.

There’s a salebarn bar-b-que tomorrow noon at Valentine.

I’ll tell her that she’s still my gal, and that should pave the way

until next year when the neighbor has his branding Mother’s Day!

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