Nelson: contaminated water made me sick |

Nelson: contaminated water made me sick

Mary Nelson
Recluse resident of 16 years

Dear Editor:

Is Recluse water contaminated by chemicals injected non-stop from 2012-2016? The chemical water was forced-pressurized into the injection well on Recluse Rd. I began getting sick in 2012. By 2013 I could no longer work. I had a chemical overload which makes you react negatively to your normal environment.

Since I had been drinking my well water since 2003 (when it was drilled) I had no idea that was the source of my problem.

When the injection finally stopped in 2016, I started to regain my health of course the “agencies” said my well could not possibly be contaminated by the injection process. If there was any problem in my well I caused it myself. It wasn’t until last summer that I could finally use my water for bathing. Since the seismic testing has disturbed the aquifer my water is no longer suitable for bathing. The water causes sores on my skin and smells like chemicals. Are your filter and chlorine systems enough to protect you and your family? Time will tell.

Mary Nelson

Recluse resident of 16 years

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