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Outside Circle: Benefit for Brady Allison, Rorey Meier wins Xtreme bulls, horse sales, Alzada gathering

We sure had a great Labor Day weekend at our place. Our grandboys were here for a visit, an old friend from Montana came for the weekend and we did lots of catching up during late into the night visits, plus we got some much needed rain. At the rodeo in Newell we got to do a memorial to my Dad where my son led a horse with Dad’s saddle around the arena while the announcer told of Dad’s years of involvement with the rodeo. It’s a good thing Labor Day only comes once a year as I was absolutely pooped by the time it was all said and done, but what a good time!

Speaking of the rodeo in Newell, I’ve got to say something to everyone that was there. For heaven’s sake, where in the world did you people learn to park at? I realize it was a little muddy in spots, but still, you can park in an orderly fashion with sufficient distance between trailers for horse traffic, and park pickups and cars with room enough to walk between, no more. It looked like everyone came roaring in there at high speed and skidded to a stop to jump out and fight fire or something. I’m always appalled at the public’s inability to park with any thought to others, but I think this took the cake for being the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Most of you are friends of mine, so I’m scolding you in a friendly fashion, but think about that the next time you pull into a facility. Okay. Motherly talk completed.

There’s been a GoFundMe account set up for Brady Allison of the Gordon, Neb. country. He was hurt in a horse wreck and life-flighted to Scottsbluff where he underwent eight hours of surgery on his neck. Thankfully he has feeling back in everything except the tip of his index finger on the left hand, so that’s a relief. He’s in good spirits but tired of being flat on his back in the hospital. Obviously, none of this has been for free, so if you feel moved to do so, your can go to http://www.GOFUNDME.com and type in his name and you can donate to this good cause. It will be a long while before Brady’s back to work too, so anything you can send that way would be a help.

Rorey Meier, Timber Lake, S.D. won the XTreme Bulls Tour Finale at Ellensburg, Wash. Sept. 3. He earned $25,944 for the win, which took him from 14th place in the Xtreme bulls standing to year end champion. He’s also moved from 18th in the PRCA standings to eighth place, which could give him a berth at the national finals. Incidentally, the bulls were sure tough enough at Ellensburg. Only four guys had qualified rides from the 12 that were in the short go.

There are multiple horse sales on Sept. 17. At the Montana Expo Park in Great Falls, Mont. will be the Treasure State and Weaver Quarter Horses sales, starting at 1 p.m. For more info on the Treasure State horses call Todd or Una Ford at 406-395-4400. For info on the Weaver horses, call Stan or Nancy Weaver at 406-378-2600.

Also on the 17th will be the 46th annual Froelich Legacy Quarter Horse sale at their ranch near Selfridge, N.D. It will be at 1 p.m. Call Kelly Froelich at home at 701-422-3636 or on the cell at 701-226-0460.

Gordon Livestock, Gordon, Neb. will have it’s annual fall sale on the 17th as well. They’ll have 80 head of broke horses in the sale, with a preview starting at noon and the sale at 2 p.m. Loose horses will sell starting at 9 a.m. To view a catalog on-line, go to http://www.gordonlivestock.com. For info call 308-282-9998 or 308-282-1171.

The 27th Annual Alzada Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art Show will be Oct. 2 at Alzada, Mont.. The Hall opens at 10 a.m. and the coffee pot will be on. The lunch will be ready at 11 and the show will be at 1 p.m. The show is free, but the lunch will cost you a bit, so be prepared to eat a whole bunch of that great food! For more information, call Gay Arpan at 406-828-4517 or Chris Maupin at 307-467-5260.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. I hope we keep getting some rain and you do too! Send me your event and I’ll tell everyone about it right here. F

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