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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: High school rodeo info, Sturgis smoker, fundraisers, Cowboy Reunion

It’s sure been a cold and dreary week or so. I hope by the time you read this we are back to more seasonal fall weather. There was quite a bit of moisture accumulated through all the cold though, both as rain and as snow. The snow melted right off and everything soaked in. The cool season grasses, like crested wheat, are sure growing. I’d be happy to see it warm up and stay that way until Thanksgiving. Took a trip to Rapid City yesterday and saw some alfalfa, probably fourth cutting, in big, fat windrows down by Vale. Oh it’s beautiful and green and wet. Really wet. It should dry out enough to bale by about June 28, 2019. For their sake, I hope it’s sooner.

For you high school rodeo kids or parents, when you are filling out the membership information on the NHSRA on-line portal, there’s a spot that says updateme. You need to fill that out so the info on it is all correct. Also, when you’ve filled out all the membership stuff and paid your membership, you’re not done until you print off all three forms and get them signed and notorized, then uploaded to the portal again. No forms will be mailed. If you have questions, go to your state high school rodeo association home page for answers.

The Sturgis High School Rodeo Booster Club’s annual smoker will be Oct. 19 at the Knuckle Saloon in Sturgis, S.D. There will be a delicious steak tip dinner and salad for $13.00, from 5 to 9 p.m., and both silent and live auctions. It’s always a good time to go catch up with friends for a visit too. Tickets sold at the door. If you have auction items to donate or just want info, call Chrissy Peterson at 605-347-1068.

I had a nice visit with Johnny Holloway the other night and he and Sharon are once again having their Cowboy Reunion at the First Gold in Deadwood, S.D. on Oct. 20. Happy hour starts at 5 p.m. with supper at 6. He says the bull session will last until the wee small hours. There’s always a block of rooms at a nice group discount at the First Gold for this, so go have fun and spend the night. If you have questions, call Johnny and Sharon at 605-964-3088.

Gordon Livestock Auction Market will be having a horse sale on Sunday, Oct. 28, with loose horses starting at noon. Ride-ins will start at 2 p.m.. This is at Gordon, Neb.

Here’s another of those “there but for the grace of God go I” reports. On Sept. 11, TJ Steele, Newell, S.D. rancher, rodeo hand, and all around good feller, was injured while loading hay. A couple of bales slipped and TJ ended up with a shattered and dislocated hip and a fractured and dislocated shoulder. He is home recovering but will be in a wheelchair for another two months. There is going to be a benefit to help him and Deb and their family with medical bills and living expenses. It will be on Sat., Nov. 3, 5-9 p.m. at the Branding Iron Steakhouse, Belle Fourche, S.D. Donations of auction items, and cash of course, can be given by calling LeAnn Gaer at 605-222-9544 or Betsy Burtzlaff at 605-645-2890.

There will be a reining clinic with Levi Hostelter on Nov. 3-4 at the Buffalo Berry Arena, near Sturgis, S.D. All levels are welcome to come. There will be two half day sessions for $200. Call Ashley Villmow at 307-680-5362 for details.

Thar’s November Turkey Trot Sort will be at the Cam-Plex East Pavillion, Gillette, Wyo., on Nov. 10-11. Enter from 8-8:30 a.m., starts at 9. Call Zane at 307-660-9501 for more information.

The New Underwood Roping Club will be having their annual meeting Nov. 14, 6 p.m. in the office at the arena. Be there or be on a committee!

Now that it’s been cold and snowy, it’s a great time to be gelding those stud colts. They’ll have time to get healed up before winter and be ready for education or turnout come spring. It’s a good time to have their mouths gone through too as those wolf teeth will be showing up by now. While their laying around in lala land, you can also brand them.

We just had some of our horses in to the vet for dental work and it sure wasn’t premature. It’s amazing what a horse will put up with and still go do a day’s work. Winter will be a lot easier for them, that’s for sure.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Have a good one and be careful out there.

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