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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Indian Relay Championships, benefits, Alzada gathering, clenbuterol ruling

This has sure been the driest September I can remember for a while. I know there have been some nice localized rains within an hour’s drive of here, but right here on Dry Creek, it’s dry. I wound up the last round of irrigation on our calving pasture and it sure needed another drink before fall. Now if it will rain a couple of inches right away I’ll look like an irrigating genius.

The third Annual All Nations Indian Relay Championships were held in Billings, Mont. with record attendence at the Metra Park last week. I didn’t get to go but the videos of the races were thrilling and I have it on my bucket list to go in the near future. The winning team was Omak Express from the northwest country. Our regional Crow team Rides A Pretty Horse came in fifth overall. In the Pony division, four fifth grade boys representing the Lakota War Path team, from near Colstrip, Mont. showed them how it was done, winning that championship. They are Jaren Knows His Gun, Logan Vocu, Weston Means and Chance Alden. Congrats boys and congrats to all the teams from our neck of the woods. Great races all!

There will be a benefit for Ashley Edwards, a young lady who suffered a traumatic brain injury when her horse fell with her last month. She is at Denver Children’s Hospital receiving treatment. The benefit will be at the Hermosa Bar, Hermosa, South Dakota, with prizes, a raffle, silent auction, food and music. Music will be provided by Phatt Daddy and the Wilt Bros. Donations are needed for the silent auction. For info or to donate, call Laurie Humphrey at 605-381-5401. There’s also an account at http://www.gofundme.com/AshleyMarieEdwards.

Don’t forget the Alzada Poetry, Art and Music show at Alzada, Mont. on Oct. 4. This annual event is a get-together of everyone from the area mixed up with talented poets, musicians and artists. There will be over 50 performers and artists this year. The building opens to view the art and gab at 10 a.m. and the free music and poetry program is at 1 p.m. and runs until 5-ish or so. There’s a great lunch served with lots of lovely desserts, and the money raised from that benefits the Alzada Community hall, where the festivities are held. It’s a beautiful drive from everywhere to Alzada, so maybe I’ll see you there! Call Chris Maupin at 307-467-5260 for information.

There will be a Colt Starting Challenge USA event on Oct. 2-3, Friday 6-9 p.m. and Saturday, 6-10 p.m. at the Circle T Indoor Arena, Hermosa. There will be six round pens, six unstarted horses and six trainers. With natural horsemanship methods, the trainers will get as much done with their colt as possible and compete in a simple trail course to determine the winner. To learn more about the event, call 808-250-9949.

The first Annual Darleen Swanson Memorial 4D Barrel will be held Saturday, Oct. 17, at the Powderhorn Ranch, Douglas, Wyoming. All proceeds will go to the Darleen Swanson Scholarship fund. Exhibitions will run 11-12:30, peewees at 1 p.m., then Open 4D and Youth 3D with one second splits. For more info, call 307-359-0578.

There will be a Youth Playdate playday on Oct. 18 at the Mike Scott Arena near Soldier Creek, South Dakota. at the corner of Highway 18 and Soldier Creek Rd (just west of Mission). Registration will be at 1:30 with the event starting at 2. All of the fun playday events will be done for all ages, plus some team events. For more information or to pre-enter, call Noella Red Hawk at 605-856-2281 or email her at noellaredhawk@hotmail.com.

Beginning November 1, clenbuterol will be considered a forbidden drug by the AQHA, according to AQHA rule V1O401. With this change in classification, clenbuterol is no longer reportable on a medication report form at a show or race. All horses competing at the World Show in November must be clear of clenbuterol and the AQHA recommends a 60 day minimum withdrawal time to be on the safe side. The drug is meant to be used as a bronchodilator and is marketed as Ventipulmin and is a valuable medication used to treat breathing problems in horses. Sadly, abuse of the drug to cause increased muscle mass in halter horses when maximum dosage is exceeded has led to this restriction.

We used clenbuterol very carefully while managing the breathing problems of an old stud we had for years and it was very beneficial to him. It’s too bad that those using it for the wrong purpose have now prevented people from using it on horses in competition to help with breathing issues.

Well, that wraps up my column for the week. Have a good week and I hope you get some rain!

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