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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Kansas horses with equine infectious anemia, fundraisers for good folks, reining, cowhorse stuff

I hope that by the time you read this, it has rained clear across the northern plains. The forecast today says that substantial moisture is predicted to fall clear across Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. The fires will burn until rain or snow come to stop them, so I hope a wet fall is in store.

There have been nine horses diagnosed with equine infectious anemia in the Garden City area of southwest Kansas. There is no treatment for E.I.A. and euthanasia is usually recommended. It’s spread via biting flies and mosquitos and they can travel over 200 yards to spread it, so prevention is difficult. The facility with the infected horses was quarantined and no other horses have tested positive so far. This is the disease the the Coggins test is for. A current Coggins should be done on any horse that is being transported anywhere for any reason.

There will be a fundraiser supper Sept. 20 with all the proceeds going toward the Seim family at the Lemmon Area Farmer’s Market at the Grand River Museum in Lemmon, S.D. The Seim family has had a very trying year with the declining health of their disabled grandson Logan. Repeated trips from their rural Lemmon area home to doctors and hospitals in Sioux Falls and Rapid City to seek help for Logan has really tapped them out. Their devotion to Logan is unrivaled and their care of him amazing and their friends at Smoky’s Bar and Grill have stepped up to sponsor this supper. It will be at 5-6:30 p.m. If you want to drop off money for this, you can do so at either the Farmer’s Market or Museum. You can also drop a check off at Smoky’s if you’re in the Meadow area. On October 14, there will be an auction at Smoky’s in Meadow with all the money going to the Seims too. If you would like to drop off items or find out how to send them, please call Andrea or Shiloh at 605-788-2976.

On September 23, 6 p.m., there will be a benefit concert to help Clay Ashurst with medical expenses. It will be at the high school auditorium in Lusk, Wyo., and will feature the fabulous cowboy music and poetic talents of Daron Little, Caitlyn Taussig and Andy Nelson. Clay and his family work for the 4 3 Ranch north of Lusk and Clay was hurt the end of July when his pickup horse got hit by a bronc during a ranch rodeo. Clay suffered an extensive head injury which has been a journey back from. He has been at Craig Institute for most of the time since then and will require more therapy before he is back to work again.

There will be a Dale Keates Working Cow Horse and Horsemanship clinic Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at the fairgrounds in Big Timber, Mont. The clinic will cover horsemanship, ranch roping and the fundamentals of cattle handling. It’s $350 for both days. For further info, call Pam Mack at 480-540-9771.

The Great Plains Futurity and Derby will be Sept. 27-Oct. 1 at McCook, Neb. It will be a CPRHA, NRHA, AQHA approved reining. The futurity will pay out $5,500 in the open, $3,000 non-pro. The Derby will have $3,000 in the open and $3,000 non-pro. You can call Connie Henrichs at 402-741-1660 or get the entry on-line at http://www.WhiteHorseShowMgt.com.

It’s a ways off, but the Cowboy Relief Benefit Roping has set the date and chosen the recipient of the funds raised. It will be Nov. 11 at the Horse Palace, Laurel, Mont., and the Toby Vineyard family are the recipients. They will need donations of money, auction items and prizes. The roping will feature muley roping, three man team doctoring, and a wild goat milking for three age groups of kids and a stick horse race. They will start taking entries on Oct. 1. You can call 307-272-1420 to find out how to enter to where to send donations. Toby’s been fighting serious health problems since last winter and the family can really use the help.

Also benefiting Toby and Amy Vineyard, there will be a fundraiser at the Arvada Community Center, Arvada, Wyo. On Oct. 7. Doors open at 5 p.m. with a spaghetti supper at 5:30, cowboy bingo at 7 p.m. and chicken roping at the Arvada Bar at 9:30. All proceeds will go to the Vineyards. For info, call 307-620-5830, 605-892-5692, 307-660-8117 or 406-697-2915.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. I hope you’re so wet that the ducks need life rafts and your toes go all webbed on you. If you’re not, keep praying for rain. Have a great week.

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