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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Little rain, Larson honored, colt clinic, ropings, rodeos

We got a little shower today, just enough to settle the dust and make it possible to light up the burn barrels. We’re planning on branding sometime around the 4th while our crew is around, so a little less dust in the corrals would be great but not likely. It’s sure dry in most directions. I’ve been on the road a bit lately and have seen some stretches of country that have had enough rain that they are haying and other areas, like ours, where there won’t be any hay. In those areas, it will be a good fencing year, I suppose. I also talked to some cowboys from southwestern Montana last weekend who said that they are having a great summer with lots of rain and good grass and hay. It’s about their turn. It’s been dry up there for quite a while.

I’m already hearing grumbling about “it’s going to be a terrible winter” from the usual suspects. It just makes a person want to smack ‘em sometimes. We’re already enjoying a dadburned drought, let’s not be talking about a nasty winter to top it off. Hay is dear enough without giving anyone any ideas!

I’m sure happy to tell you that Larry Larson, Rapid City, S.D., was named South Dakota Horseperson of the Year by the South Dakota Horse Council. Larry’s a great photographer and travels all over the region taking photos of horse programs and doing their ad layouts, which are all beautiful without exception. He’s also a very nice guy and so deserving of an award like this. Congrats, Larry!

The Colt Starting Challenge USA at Broken Bow, Neb., will be July 15-16. There will be six round pens, six unstarted horses and six trainers involved. It will be at the Custer County fairgrounds and the Friday round is from 7-10 p.m. and the Saturday one from 7-11 p.m. I don’t know why it’s so late either, but I guess you can call Cristy at 808-269-3408 and find out.

The 61st Annual Richey Rodeo, Richey, Mont., will be July 17, starting at 2 p.m. There will be all the usual events, plus wild horse racing, kids’ events, jackpot team roping, ranch bronc riding and a street dance. Entries close July 14, and you can call Nancy at 406-774-2467 to find out more.

The Dan Bruce Memorial Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Challenge will be in Elizabeth, Colo., on July 30-31. It is a RMRRSHA sanctioned event and all the big loop rules will apply. On July 30 there will be 8 a.m. check in and novice ranch roping at 9 a.m., then the stock horse challenge in the afternoon. On July 31, there will be the open ranch roping at 9 a.m. It’s all draw team for both divisions. You have to be entered by July 25 and you can call 720-899-7511 to do so.

Don’t forget the National High School Rodeo Finals that will be in Gillette, Wyo. at the Cam-Plex. I’ve been to this and it is a great show with absolutely fantastic talent demonstrated by the high school kids. Gillette has such a nice facility for it that it will be a great show. You can check it all out at http://www.cam-plex.com

The Cowboy States Reining Horse Association will be having it’s Park County Slide on August 6 at the Park County fairgrounds, Powell, Wyo. There will be a full slate of NRHA classes, for riders from green to open levels. There will also be a ranch riding class and western dressage. The judge is Chuck Nesmith. On August 7 there will be a clinic with Chuck. You can sign up for the clinic by calling Peggy Peterson at 307-851-0443. The entry info for the “slide” is at http://www.cowboystatesreiners.com.

I’m going to call this circle ridden for this week. Please send me your event information and anything else of interest that you’d like for me to share here. My email is at the head of the column! I hope you had a great July 4th and properly celebrated the independence of our great nation. May it always be so. God Bless America!