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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Old man winter, first runnerup, mini barebacks, Larry Larson clinic, horse stuff

Old man winter sure came with a vengeance this past week! Even Hawaii had some snow on the Big Island. My guess is it will melt off before Mother’s Day there, but not so sure about ours. I feel for my friends to the north and northeast who were buried by snow in the storms that have gone through. Deep snow and bitter temperatures with high winds are a wicked combination and sure makes it hard to take care of livestock and get around.

Locally, we’ve had two weeks in a row that Monday/Tuesday were pretty nasty. I hope that’s not the pattern for the remainder of winter. We have plenty of snow on the ground now and a big drift for the grandboys to dig in, so I’m all caught up on snow for a while. Our haystacks aren’t nearly big enough for this continued frigid weather either. Our cows are still busy grazing for now with a little cake added to the diet, but if it stays this cold, hay will have to be added to it. Ah, if it was easy everyone would live up north, right?

Our very own lovely Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Mikayla Sich, was first runnerup in the Miss Rodeo America competition held at the WNFR. She’s a beautiful and talented young woman and we’re sure proud of how well she did!

Also in Las Vegas, the shorter set of bareback riders were competing at the Mini Bareback World Championships. South Dakota’s Talon Ping, Highmore, S.D. was competing there and sure made his home country and me too proud with his performance. He’s the nine year old son of Travis and Katherine Ping. Good job, Talon!

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the photographer in the family, don’t forget the 2017 Larry Larson Photography Clinic that will be held May 26-28 at Highview Quarter Horses south of Rapid City, S.D. This will be Larry’s 25th Anniversary clinic and a gift certificate for this clinic would sure be the cat’s meow for someone with a desire to learn equine photography from one of the all time best. For more information, call Larry at 605-393-0900 or 605-390-8610. You can also email him at llp.photographics@gmail.com.

If you’re short of hay and/or grass, there will be a horse buyer at Faith Livestock, Faith, S.D. on Tuesday, December 13, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They’ll be purchasing horses of all types with no charge to the seller. The buyer will write a check to you that day. Be sure you have a current brand inspection and a Coggins/health if you are crossing state lines to get there. Call Joe at 952-836-8811 or Sharon at 612-839-9568 for detailed information.

Obviously we’ve had a hard freeze now, so it would be a good time to gather up all your horses and give them a dose of dewormer that will address the abundance bot load that they could be carrying. We use an ivermectin wormer on ours, which is safe for horses of all ages and also for bred mares.

While you have those horses in the corral, be sure and pull any shoes that are on them as they will be fighting snowballs in their feet if it warms up a little. Those highlifts are sure hard on their tendons and joints, so, much healthier to have those horses barefooted unless you’re using them steady and they really need shoes. I was riding a 16 plus hand horse recently and he built some in his feet and it sure didn’t make him any easier to get on either!

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Be sure and send me any info you want shared here, whether an event, fundraiser or just news note. My email is at the top of this column and I’m always glad to have you contact me. Have a blessed week and stay warm!