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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Roadtrip, Newell Labor Day weekend, team roping, barrels, equine therapy school

I just got back from a much relished trip with friends to northeastern New Mexico. I worked down in that country for a while so I always enjoy visiting it again. We went down through Wyoming via Newcastle, Lance Creek, Guernsey, and Cheyenne and down through Colorado on I-25 to Cimarron, New Mexico. All the way down the country looked fantastic. There was lush grass and plenty of water everywhere we looked. The trip back was up through eastern Colorado via Rocky Ford, Limon, and Brush. Again, the country looked wonderful and the creeks all had water in them. All the cattle we saw were fat and shiny and there was hay stacked everywhere. I have never seen eastern Colorado look like that before, so it was quite a treat. From Brush we traveled through Nebraska, staying the night with a friend at the foot of Chimney Rock near Bayard, then going north to Harrison and west to Lusk and home. What a joy it is to see so much of the central plains in its Sunday clothes!

All that bounty is quite a contrast to the horrors of drought and fire in the northwestern states. My heart aches for those people who have lost so much. I’m sure our prayers would be appreciated.

The world famous Newell Labor Day Celebration will be Sept. 5-7 at Newell, South Dakota. On Saturday, Sept. 5 will be the Ranch Rodeo. The Calcutta will be at noon and the ranch rodeo at 1 p.m. Call Holly at 605-456-2235. On Sunday will be the Coy Price Memorial Team Roping and they’ll enter at 9 a.m. and rope at 10 a.m. Call J.D. at 605-490-0343. Then, to culminate a fun filled weekend, the Labor Day rodeo will have slack at 8 a.m., parade at 10 a.m. and the rodeo at 1 p.m. Besides the usual great events you’d expect at a good old home town rodeo, there is also the World’s Championship Sheep TeePeeing contest during the rodeo performance. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen that, so be sure and be in Newell for the whole weekend to lead up to it. There are lots of great activities all weekend.

The Belle Fourche Fall Team Roping Series will be kicking off with the first roping on Sept. 5 in the east arena at the Roundup Grounds, Belle Fourche. You enter at 9 a.m. and rope at 10. A series membership is required and the other dates are Sept. 19 and 26, Oct. 3 and a makeup date on Oct. 11. For more information, call Devin McGrath at 605-391-4947 or Colby Crago at 605-892-5145.

The 1st Annual CloverLeaf Open 4D and Derby Sidepot Barrel Race will be September 12-13 at the Circle T Indoor Arena at Hermosa, South Dakota. There will be $250 added each day plus other prizes. There’s a run for all ages so take the whole family. Call 605-490-7661 for information and to enter.

There will be a team roping held at the Riverside Arena, Regent, North Dakota. on Sept. 19, enter at 9 a.m. and rope at 10 a.m. There will be a 10 head draw unless there are over 50 ropers, then it will be an eight header. Saddles will be awarded to the top header and heeler and buckles for other placings. For more information, call Bernie Donner at 605-524-3395 or 605-850-3654.

There will be a team roping school with Matt Sherwood teaching on Oct. 10-11 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, Buffalo, Wyoming. The school is open to eight headers and eight heelers. Matt will focus on horsemanship, scoring, handling, position, roping and much more. The school will be from 9-5 both days and will cost $400. You can learn more by calling Tawny Talkington at 303-709-0019.

The Top Performance Equine Sports Therapy Certification school has released the fall schedule. There will be schools October 19-23 and November 9-13 at Piedmont, South Dakota. The training is all hands on and students will be learning sports therapy bodywork for equine athletes. You can check out the website at http://www.EquineSportsTherapy.com or call 605-484-2288.

That’s about it for the week. Be sure and share any upcoming events or fundraisers with me so I can share it here!