Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Sssnow, ranch bronc entries, fundraiser for Rod Grote, 38+2 Memorial Ride, Larson clinic | TSLN.com

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Sssnow, ranch bronc entries, fundraiser for Rod Grote, 38+2 Memorial Ride, Larson clinic

We ended up getting some snow and wind, hence snowdrifts, last week. Also got our cows preg checked at last while our crew was home to help. Cows worked great, had a blast with the vet, and all went pretty well despite the snow and cold. Always disappointing to have a yearling or 2-year-old open, but it happens. Now we’ll wean our heifer calves and the cow work will be done for the year.

I’m still totally astonished that it’s December now. I guess it wouldn’t be premature to start my Christmas shopping. Others apparently are doing theirs as I have been mailing out orders for books of cartoons pretty steady lately. It gives me a chance to visit with our wonderful rancher/postmistress as well.

You ranch bronc riders need to sit up and pay attention here. The Double A Feeds WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash will be taking entries on Dec. 15, 9 a.m. MST, for the Jan. 8 bronc ride at Torrington, Wyoming. They are taking the first 35 paid entries and the $150 entry fee has to be paid when you call in. That number is 308-262-1458. The Bronc Riding Bash will be held at the Goshen County Fairgrounds. I’ll give you more details soon.

There’s a fundraiser being held for a good cowboy and horse trainer from Nebraska right now. Rodney Grote had a horse wreck last March and broke both bones in his lower leg. They did surgery, he got an infection, they fought that, he ended up spending weeks in various hospitals, traveled to Denver and did the same. They did a second surgery while there in August to replace the hardware and then one of the bones started healing at last. The other bone has not. He hasn’t been able to work and has incurred crushing medical expenses, so friends set up am on-line auction that is running now (started Nov. 25) until Dec. 16. The items on the auction are incredible, from spurs and jewelry to breeding fees to the top stallions in the industry. You can check out all of that on Facebook on the Rally For Rodney Grote page. All the funds from the auction go straight into a Paypal account for Randy. If you want to go straight to the donation part, you can send money via Paypal to Rodney Grote at Rodgrote12@gmail.com. It’s as simple as can be to do and would be a great help to Rod.

The Dakota 38+2 Wokiksuye (Memorial) Ride will be Dec. 10-26. The ride is in memory of the 38 Dakota Sioux men who were hung Dec. 26, 1862 at Mankato, Minn. in the largest mass execution ever done in the U.S. The +2 is for the last two men who were hunted down and hung in January 1864. The commemorative ride came about when Jim Miller, Porcupine, South Dakota, had a dream in 2005 where he was directed to carry spiritual offerings horseback from the Missouri River to a hanging site along a river. He didn’t know until later that that was Mankato, Minn. Since 2005, men, women and children ride for 16 days on the 330 mile journey that starts at Lower Brule, South Dakota, and ends at the hanging site at Mankato. The riders come from the Dakota reserves in Canada, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. Other non-native riders are also welcome to join. Last year a rider journeyed all the way from South Africa to ride! I admire greatly those who take on the task of organizing this ride and the participants to brave the bitter winter weather to memorialize their ancestors. If you’re interested in doing the ride, contact me and I’ll get you in touch with the organizers.

If you want to be put on the inquiry list for the next Larry Larson photography clinic, his new email is llp.photographics@gmail.com. You can also call him in the evening at 605-393-0900. He hasn’t set the date for the next one but the clinics fill very fast and getting your name on the list is pretty critical for getting into the clinic.

I was sad to hear of Jake Barnes horse wreck that will keep him from his 28th WNFR. He was practicing team roping when his horse fell and stepped on Jake’s head when regaining it’s feet. The seven time world champion sustained a traumatic head injury and a broken ankle and is still in the hospital as of this writing. It will be a while before he’s turning back steers again and I’m sure your prayers would be appreciated.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Send me your events and announcements and I’ll be happy to share them here!