Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Team Sorting, Ranch Bronc Riding, clinics, ranch horse sale consignments open

What beautiful weather we’ve been having! The snow banks have about melted, with the exception of the ones that have my carrots and turnips buried in the garden. I think I can at least locate the rows now so I probably ought to get them found and dug up before the next round of snow and wind.

The heifer calves are weaned and their good mamas are back to the winter pasture. I enjoy having the calves in the corral to get “people-ized” and gentled down. They started out pretty gentle, though, so it shouldn’t take long. My husband likes having the calves in the corral so that he can work his new pup on them under the tutelage of the Grandma Border Collie.

There will be Team Sorting at the Event Center in Rapid City, South Dakota, Dec. 20 at 10 a.m. There will be a clinic pen and practice pen setup and should last until about 3 p.m.

The second Annual Double A Feeds WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash will be Jan. 8, 7 p.m., at the Goshen County Fairgrounds indoor arena, Torrington, Wyoming. There will be 35 bronc riders with $5,000 added money so should be great watching!

There’s a clinic coming to the Camplex at Gillette, Wyoming, January 30-31 called From The Ground To The Arena. It will combine the talent of Tom Wagoner’s 40 years of colt starting with Lynn Kohr’s 30 years of barrel horse training (she must have started in pre-school since she is still so young). It will cost $450 with $100 deposit due on Jan. 1. You can go watch and learn from the seats for $25/day. The clinic is filling fast so call Lynn at 307-680-5271 or Tom at 307-621-0201 for information.

The Wyoming Wild Ride and Ranch Rodeo Horse sale will be June 26, which is a while away, but they are already getting prospective consignments in for it. If you want to consign your good horse to this sale you had better get your consignment form and fee in right away. Once the consignments close, they will start sifting the consignments to try to get the cream of the crop into the sale. You’ll need some good photos and a video of your horse too. Sale horses will be spotlighted in the ranch rodeo if you choose to enter, so that is another positive aspect of the sale, besides the preview the morning of the sale. If you want to find out more about it or get a consignment form, call Tiffany Schwenke at 307-670-7037 or email her at

Don’t forget the Bobby Harris team roping school that will be held at the Agriplex at Wright, Wyoming, April 9-10. It’s limited to 12 headers and 12 heelers for two full days of roping, horsemanship and roping knowledge. It will cost you $450, meals included, with a $100 deposit. Call Janie Norlin for more information at 605-210-3179.

This is a long ways off, but it might be good to get your name in the hat early for the Ty Evans Mule Clinic that will be in the Black Hills July 7-9. If you have a young mule to start or just want to learn to better handle your mule, this would be a great opportunity to learn. Call Bridgette Banks for more information at 605-381-0097.

Well, that about winds it up for the week. Be sure and send any items of interest, upcoming events, fundraisers and suchlike to me and I’ll be happy to share it here. My email is at the head of the column. Have a wonderful week!