Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Terrible storms in the south, barrel clinic, barrel futurity, HSUS updates

Well, it certainly looks like winter here. We have a lot of snow on the ground, it drifted a little and is just waiting for a high wind to make for a terrible mess. I’m sure the wheat folks are tickled to have the winter wheat covered up. The sheep folks are glad for the snow for winter water for their woollies. Our cows are glad because they started getting a little cake when they made those sad faces at -17 degrees one morning.

I’ll take what we have though. It’s normal for here. Down in the southern plains of west Texas, Oklahoma and eastern New Mexico, it’s a nightmare. The death losses haven’t been counted yet in the livestock sector as it’s just impossible to get around at this time. The highways and county roads are closed and power is out for thousands of people. They don’t have the equipment there that we do here in the northern country, so it makes it that much harder to get the snow moved so they can get around. Wheat pasture cattle have drifted and even in the rougher, brushier regions, it’s just overwhelming for the livestock. I think of all the ranchers, farmers and just good folks that helped all of this region’s ranchers out after the Atlas blizzard. I hope that any relief efforts in the southern country are met with the same effort and willingness to help by all of us. I’ll keep you posted if I hear of any such funds being organized.

Not much news this week. Apparently everyone is waiting for it to warm up a little more before having events.

There will be an Andrea Huft Barrel Racing and Horsemanship clinic at the Sept Arena, Miles City, Montana on March 12-13, 8 a.m. start time. The clinic is geared for the intermediate to advanced rider and is limited to 10 participants. It costs $275 with a $100 non-refundable deposit. You can audit the clinic for $50/person too. It’s filling fast. The contact info I have is for Jodi Sept at 406-853-0494.

It’s a long way off but I want you to know about the Cloverleaf Futurity that will be held in conjunction with the Get The Green Open and Slot Race on August 26-28 at the Belle Fourche Roundup Grounds, Belle Fourche, S.D. You can contact Amanda Richardson for further details at 605-490-7661.

I found this tidbit of information kind of interesting in an aggravating way. HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.) CEO Wayne Pacelle recently purchased a $1.1 home in the upscale neighborhood of Chevy Chase, Maryland. With cash. Now that’s his right, of course, but the interesting thing is this: he did it through a legal scheme that hides the identity of the buyer. This property is owned now by Pacelle along with a $800,000 apartment in Washington, D.C. To be clear, it’s none of my business how he spends his own money, but it makes me wonder how much of the money donated to HSUS by well-meaning, though uninformed, people went toward his personal lifestyle? It’s kind of an honest gain vs dishonest gain scenario, you see. His wife is employed by al Jazeer America which is funded by the government of qatar, a country that funds and accomodates terrorist groups including Hamas and al Qaeda. HSUS had a development officer who once offered to conceal money for middle eastern entities including the Muslim Brotherhood. So, there are obvious questions about the whole organization, besides the usual ones, that make me highly suspicious of them. So, please suppose the humane society, just not that one. Support locally where you know the money is being used for the animals well being and not to pad the pockets of rich elitists who play footsies with the enemy.

Well, that should get me targeted somehow. Have a wonderful week and send some prayers up for the people so badly affected by both the snow storms and the thunderstorms/tornados in the south.