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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Vesicular stomititis, goat roping, ranch roping clinic, playday

The days are sure getting shorter, aren’t they? Now that it’s cooled off some and I actually want to stay out longer and get something done it goes and gets dark on me.

Vesicular stomititis is still very much in the news. There have now been 38 confirmed cases in South Dakota in the same five county area (Meade, Pennington, Custer, Lawrence and Fall River), with 12 premises still under quarantine. Until there is a hard freeze it’s going to remain a threat. Not all horses get terribly ill with VSV, which is good, but it also affects cattle and other hooved animals, and they tend to get much more sick. Be aware, use caution, and use liberal amounts of fly spray. Not all cases of VSV are reported, so there are undoubtedly more cases that the state veterinarian doesn’t know about. Checking livestock frequently is recommended.

The management at Philip Livestock Auction, Philip, South Dakota, has announced that there will be no open consignment horses selling in conjunction with the Bad River Fall Extravaganza Horse Sale on Saturday, Sept. 26. Concerns about the VSV outbreak in the region have caused them to make this decision. They will have an open horse sale later on in October after the threat of VSV has passed.

In regard to that catalog sale, you will find 260 horses ranging in age and experience from weanlings to proven performance horses with some breeder production sales included. The catalog is quite drool worthy and you can probably get one of your own by calling 605-859-2577. The sale will start at 11 a.m. MST.

The annual Goat Roping at the Country Corner in Caputa, South Dakota, will be Sept. 27. You can enter at 11 a.m. and rope at noon. For more information, call Robin at 605-390-0194. If you think you’re a pretty snappy roper, a goat might just give you the humbling experience that will help you to set the bar higher! Sounds like a fun time at a fun place.

There will be a Ranch Roping clinic Sept. 26-27 at Gillette, Wyoming. Instructors will be Herb and Caleb French and they will cover all aspects of quiet cattle and horse handling, plus all the loops and how to handle them. There will be afternoon sessions for intermediate ropers. For more information on the clinic call Claudia Martinson at 307-660-8469.

The Philip Horse Playday at Philip will be Oct. 4. Registration will be at 10 a.m. with the event starting at 11 a.m. It’s $25/person or $40/family for the whole day. Events include Ride A Buck, musical tires, flag race, barrels, poles cowboy rescue race, keyhole and goat tail untying. There may be more events added by the day of the playday. What great family fun!

There will be a Matt Sherwood team roping school Oct. 10-11 at the Johnson County fairgrounds, Buffalo, Wyoming. Matt is a two time PRCA world champion header and three time WNFR qualifier. He will cover horsemanship, mental toughness, scoring, handling, position, roping and more. There’s room for eight headers and eight heelers only, so get your name on the list! It’s $400 for the weekend with lunch included. You can call Tawny Talkington for info or to sign up at 303-709-0019.

This is a ways off, but be sure and mark it on you calender. The Sergeant Colton Levi Derr Foundation 2015 Gala will be Saturday, Oct. 25 at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center’s LaCroix Hall, Rapid City. Doors will open at 5 p.m. with a social, then dinner, guest speakers, a silent and live auction and music/dance. The foundation helps support veterans who battle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Donations are always needed for the auctions, so this gives you time to get something lined up and to get it there. You can look it all over at http://www.sergeantderrfoundation.org and also call 605-545-2505 for information.

I was visiting with a friend from Los Angeles recently and she was telling me about having to put her old horse down. Options for disposing of the body of a horse or about any other pet are limited in the city, and they are cremation or taking them to a landfill which is only for dead animals. She looked into a cremation service and that was going to cost $1,500. She then found out that the city offered a minimally priced cremation service and that’s what she finally utilized. They even provided her with a nice wooden box with her horse’s ashes in it. One never thinks too much about that out here in the open country with large tracts of private land. We just bury our old friends right here on the place and don’t have to think about the difficulties of people in urban areas. It sure doesn’t make me want to move to the city or to any of those over regulated states.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Let me know what’s happening on your branch of the creek and I’ll sure write about it here. It’s always nice to hear from you anyway!

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