Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: VSV info for S.D. state 4-H Rodeo, H & M Arena Fundraiser, 21 stray horses shot near Thermopolis | TSLN.com

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: VSV info for S.D. state 4-H Rodeo, H & M Arena Fundraiser, 21 stray horses shot near Thermopolis

I sure hope the motorcycles haven’t trampled everyone in my neck of the woods by now. I made it a point to stay on the gravel roads all I could and it sure cut down on the traffic on two wheels. For those of you out of the “ground zero” region of Sturgis, S.D., be grateful. The estimated 1.4 million people there for the 75th Rally was a little much for us regular folk who live this close. From our 25 mile distance, the rumble was non-stop. I’m very glad it happens only once a year.

I got to watch the Triple Crown hero American Pharoah run in the Haskell Stakes on TV last weekend. He didn’t disappoint anyone and won it handily with a hand gallop across the finish line and many lengths separating him from his closest rival. Victor Espinoza, his jockey, kept him where he belonged and then eased him into the lead on the last turn and cruised on in, practically standing up in the irons in the last several furlongs. That’s some horse and is just as beautiful and athletic as I remember him being in the Belmont. I’ll bet he’d be fun to go see some country on too as he moves so easy.

In case you hadn’t heard, vesicular stomatitis virus has been found in two horses in Pennington County, S.D. I don’t know what the circumstances are with them, but they are under quarantine. With that, S.D. has been added to the list of states with VSV which include Tex., N.M., Ariz., Colo., Wyo., and Ut. If you are hauling any livestock into Canada, you need to know that they won’t let you if you are from any of those states. It affects horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, llamas and alpacas and can cause flu like symptoms in people. VSV causes symptoms similar to the dreaded foot and mouth disease, so reporting and testing is crucial. Symptoms include blisters and sloughing of skin on and in the mouth, on the tongue, drooling, lesions and sloughing in the ears and around the hairline of the hoof. It’s not generally fatal, but causes weight loss and misery for the animal until it passes.

Due to the VSV in S.D., all livestock going to the S.D. State 4-H Rodeo must have a current health paper from a veterinarian or they can’t enter the grounds. Contestants in timed events must have a current health to present when they check in, plus, if they are riding someone else’s horse they need a copy of the horse’s health to expedite check-in. The state finals are August 14-16 at Ft. Pierre, S.D.

The 1st Annual H & M Arena Fundraiser Rodeo near Marcus,S.D. will be Thursday, August 13. Registration is at 5 p.m. with the events starting at 6 p.m. This is a fundraiser to help rebuild this great old arena that has served it’s community so well. All proceeds from the entries, concessions and offering will go to the cause. Events include: Chicken Team Roping, Kids Chicken Roping, Scoop Shovel Racing, Mutton Bustin’, Has Beens Barrel Racing (for those who haven’t for years), Never Was Barrel Racing (for those who haven’t ever), Men’s “Tough Enough To Chase Cans” barrel racing, Open Barrels, and Dummy Roping. Roping event winners will receive ropes, other events will have buckles. It sounds like a super fun event with lots of laughing and good times likely. To top it off, Bud Boudreau, Marcus, S.D. will be showing off his great working dogs by maneuvering sheep through a pole bending pattern. If you want more information, call 605-985-5497. Directions to the arena are to turn north at mile marker 105 on Highway 34 way out east of Sturgis, and go about a mile north on Road 39S. You’ll be able to see the arena off to the east from there.

Out in the Thermopolis, Wyo. country the BLM is investigating the killing of 21 stray horses on federal and state land. The horses were killed sometime within the last three weeks and are horses that have been running loose there for the past few years and are not the protected feral horses that run in other areas of Wyo. The BLM is offering a reward of up to $2000 for information leading the arrest and conviction of those involved.

That’s my circle for this week. I hope to see you at a county fair in the area. Send me your events and info and I’ll share them here!

Sorry about an error in last week’s column: The five panel testing will be required on stallions siring 2016 (not 2015) foals.