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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Will Page Benefit, Tierney wins Timed Event Challenge, all kinds of jackpots, team sorting clinic

What fine weather we’ve been having. It’s sure been different than most March weather that I recall. I have clearer recollections of frozen eared calves, calves in the kitchen, and snow up to my horse’s knees than I do of 70 degree days with sunshine. I’ll take it, even though we aren’t calving for quite a while.

Had a great crew here last weekend to work on a big windbreak corral that I had gotten mostly disassembled but not reassembled. It’s amazing what a threesome of strapping young men, a couple of young women, and two “older” folks can get accomplished in one day. I may need to get out more, but I can’t think of much that made me any happier than seeing all the posts set and ready for lumber when the day was done. By the time you read this, there should be three stringers of plank on the posts waiting for windbreak board, barring unforeseen delays.

I didn’t get the information in time to post about the Will Page benefit that was held last weekend at Broadus, Mont., but wanted to let you know that if you want to donate money for this, you still can. Will Page is a young man who is always there to help others, whether at a branding or building a barn, and it’s time to step up and help him in his time of need. He was injured in a freak accident with construction equipment and he suffered a crushed skull and his ear was torn off. His ear was reattached and looks good, but the head injury is going to take a while to recover from yet. His medical expenses are tremendous, so that’s why we’re all trying to help him. If you would like to send some money his way, make the check out to Will Page and send it to Kurt Olson, P.O. Box 661, Broadus, MT 59317 and Kurt will get it to him.

Congrats to Paul David Tierney on his victory at the Wrangler Timed Event Championship at the Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, Okla. The events are heading, heeling, calf roping, steer roping and steer wrestling. It’s definitely an iron man-style deal with two rounds daily of all the events for two days then a final round of all the events. Paul David had a total time of 267.9 while Trevor Brazile had a 295.9.

Gillette College Rodeo’s Breakaway and Muley Jackpot will be Saturday, March 19 at the Cam-Plex, Gillette, Wyo. Breakaway will be two head for $100 and you can enter on multiple horses. Everyone gets two head with the top 10 back. Muley roping is $100/man with a handicap, four head progressive after one. It starts after the 1 p.m. college rodeo performance, so why not go early and watch a good rodeo too!

Dickinson State University is holding a Breakaway/Goat tying/Calf Roping jackpot on March 20, 10 a.m. at the Dickinson Indoor arena. They’ll take cash entries only and breakaway will have three head, goat tyers two, and calf roping two head. Call or text Teddi Schwagler for information at 702-425-4985.

Nominations for the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame are being taken and the deadline is March 31. For further information and a form to fill out, you can check it all out at http://www.wyomingcowboyhalloffame.com. I’m sure Tiffany Schwenke can tell you what you need to know too, so call her at 307-670-7037.

On April 2, the DSU Indoor Arena will be having a barrel racing and goat tying jackpot to raise money for the DSU rodeo team. Exhibitions will be 8-9:30 a.m. with the first round of barrels starting at 10 a.m. Barrels will have open, youth and peewee divisions. Goat tying will run after the first round of barrels with the second round of barrels after the goats. Confused yet? Call Lisa Heiser for more info at 701-290-0293.

There will be a Team Sorting clinic at Tiltrum’s Circle T Arena, Hermosa, S.D. on April 2 at 10 a.m. On April 3 there will be a team sorting practice at 10 a.m. If you need details, call 605-381-3781.

Don’t forget the Bowman Spring Fling Open 4D barrel race on April 16 at the All Seasons Indoor arena, Bowman, N.D. There’s $500 added, plus it’s a double header with a youth 3D. Exhibitions will be the night before from 7-9 p.m. Call Bailee at 605-381-0390 for details.

Well, I’ve struggled long enough staying indoors with the meadowlarks singing outdoors, so I’m going to call this circle done and head out. I have a couple of horses to take to the vet this afternoon. One is the grandboys’ pony Timmy who’s getting his teeth floated. He has a lot on his plate just dealing with little boys without his mouth bugging him at the same time. It should solve a little of his naughtiness anyway!