Outside Circle: Dusty branding, breakaway jackpots, barrels series, ranch broncs at TriState Bronc Match, team roping clinic | TSLN.com

Outside Circle: Dusty branding, breakaway jackpots, barrels series, ranch broncs at TriState Bronc Match, team roping clinic

We’ve been getting some little showers lately, and while they don’t alleviate the dry conditions, at least they encourage us and remind us that the sky can still leak. We got our branding done while we had the crew here over the fourth. Our grandboys got to help brand their calves, which is always a big thrill for little boys and their Daddy, perhaps less for the calves. We had a good crew and had fun while doing a hot, dusty job. The calves look good despite short grass, and the cows are fat and shiny. We got the bulls turned out and everyone moved to fresh pasture. It’s going to take some shuffling to keep good pasture in front of them this year. Nearly anyone can be a good grass manager on a wet year, it’s a trifle more challenging on a dry one.

There are days when a guy just can’t catch a break. A jockey in Ireland took a fall off his horse during a race and broke his nose. The ambulance that was rushing to his aid ran over him and did significantly more damage. Poor feller.

There will be breakaway roping jackpots at Winner, S.D. on Monday nights at 7 p.m. There are open and junior divisions, with 2 head/$50 for the open and 2 head/$20 in the junior. You can enter on two horses. For more information, call Digger at 605-350-3288.

The Racin’ On The Rez Barrel Series at Lower Brule, S.D. has set it’s dates. They are July 12, 19, and 28; August 2, 9, and 23. Exhibitions are 5-6:45 p.m. and the run at 7 p.m. The first run is SDBRA approved and the second run is open. There is 8 years and under, youth and open divisions. If enough want poles, there will also be poles. Call Carisa Shearer at 605-222-5282 or Sindi Jandreau at 605-730-3023.

There will be an open team roping on Friday, July 22, at the Eagle Butte Arena, Eagle Butte, S.D. Enter at 3 and rope at 4 p.m. It’s $25/roper/run and you can enter as many times as you want. It’s limited to 200 teams and is three head progressive. Call Jae Smith at 605-200-0054 for info.

There will be a Rich Skelton and Speed Williams Team Roping clinic July 24-25 at Greybull, Wyo. It’s $500 for the clinic, lunch included, and a $200 deposit is due by July 13 to hold your spot. It will start at noon the first day and 8 a.m. the second day. They’ll be covering ground work, heel-o-matic, live steers and horsemanship. Call Lacee Good at 307-272-7386 for more information.

The Tri-State Bronc Match has added Ranch Broncs to the lineup! The event is August 12 with the ranch broncs at 6:30 and the saddle broncs at 7 p.m. There will be a calcutta at 6. Louise Wilson will be taking entries August 5, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 406-767-5626. This will all take place at Broadus, Mont.

The Turner County Fair Ranch Rodeo will be August 14, 2 p.m., at Parker, S.D. The entries are now open and they are taking the first 12 four member teams. You can call Rhonda to enter at 605-759-5478.

The Cowboy States Reining Horse Association is having a fun day Sept. 11, at Sheridan, Wyo. There will be the regular club classes, plus western dressage and ranch riding classes for youth and adults. You can get an entry form at http://www.cowboystatesreiners.com or call Nancy at 307-673-1331.

Well, that’s my somewhat shorter circle for this week. Be sure and send me your upcoming events so I can tell folks about them here. Let’s keep up the prayers for rain across the region. Have a great week!