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Outside Circle: Spring thaw, prairie poet gone, Lockwood out, series announcements, Easter meaning

Ah, the spring wind is blowing today and melting the deep snow. It’s 40 degrees as I write this, the warmest it’s been able to get with all the snow cover. But that wind is just lovely. Normally wind isn’t my best friend, but right now it sure is. I’m hoping it will open up some country for the cows to start grazing again. They have about a month before calving, so a little more time out on their winter pasture would sure be nice. This will help bare off the calving pasture too, as it is still a sea of white.

I lost a dear person to me and many others this past week. Elizabeth Ebert, Thunder Hawk, S.D. passed away on her and S.J.’s 72nd anniversary. I’ll bet they had a celebration in heaven when she arrived! Beth was 93 years young and an absolutely wonderful lady. She was a ranch/farm wife, mom, and much more. I got to know her through her poetry. The first time I saw her approach the podium at a cowboy poetry gathering, I thought of lacey doilies, delicate china tea cups, home made cookies and a loving grandma. She was all of that, but, inside of her and carried to us by her sweet, delicate voice, was a poetic genius. She could absolutely bring the house down with a funny poem and then turn around and have the toughest men there wiping their eyes, affected by something so deep and full of feeling that it could have been expressed by no one else but her. Getting to know her and S.J. was a great privilege to me. I treasured our friendship over the years. I received a lovely Christmas card and letter from her this past year. She was so pleased with my new situation and happy to know that I was content in my new home. I was touched by her thoughtfulness and now, will keep that letter close to my heart always. My condolences to her family and friends, of course, but I have to think that heaven is even more wonderful now that she has arrived there.

I was sure disappointed to hear that Jess Lockwood, Volberg, Mont., is out of the PBR race for a while again.

While in the chute ready to go out on Canadian Mist at the Ty Murray Invitational, the bull reared up in the chute and mashed Jess against the back gate. He was unable to get his hand out of his rope and before they could pull him out of the chute, his hand had taken a bad twist and a lot of pressure. It started to swell immediately, but Jess went ahead and took his re-ride anyway, though he didn’t make the whistle. Initial diagnosis is a torn ligament, but he will be seeking a diagnosis this week. He is the reigning PBR World Champion for 2018. I’m just glad it wasn’t a worse injury, considering the size difference between him and his dance partner!

I was, on the other hand, thrilled to read that HSUS (Humane Society) has lost it accreditation with the Better Business Bureau’s charity accreditation arm Wise Giving Allowance. This follows the resignation of the head snake, Wayne Pacelle, and VP Paul Shapiro amidst a sexual harassment scandal. Keep in mind, always, that HSUS is nothing but a fraud that takes money from well meaning people and uses it for their own agenda. It in no way supports Humane Society animal shelters in the U.S.

The Buffalo (S.D.) Youth Rodeo has a new website and you can get the 2018 entry blanks and schedule from there. It is http://www.buffaloyouthrodeo.com.

The next Golliher’s Spring Series run will be April 7, then the 8th and 22nd. The finals will be April 29. Their first weekend was called off due to nowhere to park and sloppy conditions, so call ahead before you haul if there’s been any rain or snow at 605-642-5363.

Be sure to mark Friday, April 20 on your calendar as there will be a benefit for Trigger Kymala at the Branding Iron Steak House south of Belle Fourche, S.D. It will start at 5:30 with auctions and all the good stuff. Trigger was recently diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma with metastases kidney cancer that has spread. The fundraiser is to help defray medical and travel expenses as he goes for treatment. Contact Chanda Snook at 307-290-0400 for info on donations and auction items. You can also leave items at the Branding Iron, plus there’s an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank under Trigger’s Benefit Account.

Well, that’s my muddy, melty circle for another week. Easter will be here before we visit again so let me remind you that it’s not about bunnies and colored eggs. It’s about the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross, taking on our sins so that by believing in him, we could have everlasting life.