Cancellations, rescheduled events, really old horse, photo contest, clinics |

Cancellations, rescheduled events, really old horse, photo contest, clinics

Well, the health siege continues. I went to the store for very necessary groceries yesterday and used enough hand sanitizer, both gel and wipes, that I can now see through my hands. I followed all of the recommended practices, only went to one store, and didn’t get close to anyone, though I saw a couple of friends there whom I would have normally hugged. It was challenging. I saw people being very cautious, then I saw families out together. I don’t understand risking your kids with this stuff. Kids, especially smaller ones, tend to touch everything they are near. I wish people would engage brains when in public. It’s like when I was in grade school. I was a very obedient student (don’t be shocked folks, especially if you knew my folks) and remember those certain kids who wouldn’t shut up or do something the teacher requested, so we all got punished for their disobedience. One teacher used to put me in the desk behind those students. I had my ways, which I won’t go into, but they got the point. (One boy may still have a knot on the back of his head these 50 years or so later.) Makes me want to do that to these people who won’t just stay home and let this die down.

The following events have been cancelled: Forever West Roughstock Classic in Douglas, Wyo., to be rescheduled; Spring Fling Rodear Cattle Dog Trial in Gillette, Wyo., to hopefully be rescheduled; Double J Horse Sale in Dickinson, N.D., to be rescheduled for later in the summer; Southwest Select Broke Horse Sale in Bowman, N.D., not rescheduled; High Plains Heritage Center April events; PBR in Billings, Mont., cancelled, go through whichever vendor you acquired tickets from for your refund. Do NOT call Metraplex office. All of the events listed will be refunding your entry fees, consignment fees or ticket money as soon as possible.

On a brighter note, though it’s sad too, I saw a story about a horse that recently died. The Polish Arabian mare was 51 years old! Foaled in Oregon in 1969, she had lived most of her life in California. She was in good shape until three days before she passed and had been on a trail ride just a month before. Her dam lived to 44 years, so it runs in not only her genetic line but her family line as well. A picture on the post of her at 44 showed a very young-appearing, elegant, fit mare.

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is sponsoring their First Annual Photo Contest! They want to see pictures that portray the stewardship of both the land and the livestock in these modern times. They need to be high quality photos and can be sent to April 1 to August 1. For information on the contest and the rules, call 605-342-0429.

May 31 is the date set for the Clay Schnose Memorial High School Rodeo in Oelrichs, S.D. If anyone would like to honor Clay’s memory by supporting this event, please contact Clay’s Mom, Kim Schnose, or send it directly to South Hills Rowdies, c/o Nicole Glines, P.O. Box 66, Smithwick, SD 57782. Facebook Kim at Kimberly McFarland-Schnose.

The Ron Ralls On The Road Barrel Horse clinic will be May 28 at the Thornton Arena, Sidney, Mont. They’re taking 12 riders at $500/rider, or $150 to watch and learn. Call Lorinda VanNewkirk at 817-771-8001 for details.

The SDHSRA White River Practice Rodeo has been rescheduled for May 30 at this point. The revised entry blank can be found on Also, regional rodeo payments and entries still need to be submitted on time but the checks won’t be cashed until the date in case of cancellation. Some rules have been modified to accommodate the “no contact” situation, so check all that out on the website.

Tickets are on sale now for the PBR Bull Riding Challenge at the Bismarck Event Center, Bismarck, N.D. On June 19-20. Call 800-514-3849 to get them!

As far as I know the 3rd Annual Jaton Lord horse clinic is still on for June 26-28 at Hardin, Mont. For more information, text Wendy at 406-861-0115.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. This snow will be all melted by the time you read this, so happy calving and lambing! Stay home and stay safe please, and pray for our country and for our President in these trying times. God’s still in control.

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