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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: P.A.C.T. Act Trojan Horse warning, update on Sundell, Lockwood wins PBR

It’s finally warmed up today and it feels like fall at last! We sure had a big taste of winter for a while though. This will make the fall work go a little smoother without the snow and ice to deal with.

Well, the swamp creatures in Washington, D.C., let the animal rights lobbyists have their way and the P.A.C.T. Act was “hot-lined” through without House or Senate votes. The Preventing Cruelty and Torture Act is the Trojan Horse for their agenda of ending animal ownership overall. The legislation opens the door for confiscation of animals, from pets to livestock, on private property. Interpretation of the law is open to whomever is wanting to use and abuse it in their favor, so we’re all in the bullseye. What we consider normal, necessary animal husbandry (castrating calves, ear tagging, branding, riding a horse, tying our dog up, for examples) can be interpreted as abuse and those animals confiscated. Every one of the 50 states already has laws in place to address animal cruelty and neglect, so it’s unnecessary at best. The PACT Act was pushed through without regard for due process and is now in the pipeline to end up on our President’s desk for a signature. If you care at all about our lifestyle as we know it, please contact the President’s office at 202-456-1111. It is bill HR724/S479 when you speak to someone, and urge President Trump to pocket veto this (that way it can’t be brought back around under the guise of something else). Be sure and make it clear that you want the President to VETO this. If you are on Facebook, you can join a group (there are several) to send mass emailings to him. Two I recommend are Protect The Harvest and The Cavalry Group.They are fighting this hard but need our help. R-Calf and USCA are also fighting it. NCBA is in bed with HSUS and part of the problem, so no help there. Don’t just sit there, get up and call or contact the White House anyway you want to, but make your voice heard or our way of life and animal agriculture (including eggs, juicy steaks, your favorite bacon) and events like rodeo, horse racing, dog shows, 4-H, FFA, will be in the past. Don’t think it can’t happen. This is the same bunch that shut down horse slaughter, greyhound racing and the big circuses. They have lots of money and ignorant people backing them.

On a brighter note, the Lady Yellowjackets of BHSU, Spearfish, S.D. lead the Great Plains region and is ranked #1 in the nation. Congrats girls! You’re all amazing!

Wade Sundell is making progress at home with his healing. They’ve removed the tubes from his liver and that has to be a relief. It’s going to be a long time before he’s up and riding broncs, but it’s going to happen I’m sure.

The 24th Annual World Championship Ranch Rodeo finals just wrapped up in Amarillo, Texas, and the World Champion team is Jolly Ranch and S & L Cattle from eastern Colorado. The Chris Laucomer of the Four Three Land and Cattle and FX Bar team of Wyoming is the World Champion Ranch Bronc Rider. I hear it was a great show, as usual. Good job to all.

Jess Lockwood is the 2019 PBR World Champion! He’s the youngest two time winner of the PBR as the 22 year old also won it in 2017. He won both the World Finals event and the year end, and with the million dollar bonus check, racked up $1,873,731.80 in winnings for 2019. The will sure be a help to the newlywed’s ranching endeavors near Volberg, Mont. This just couldn’t be happening to a nicer young man either, by all accounts.

KPH Arena Barrel and Pole Jackpot will be Nov. 23, Gillette, Wyo. Exhibitions at 8, barrels at 11 a.m., and poles to follow. Cash only. For info, go to http://www.kluzperformancehorse.com.

The Moreau River Quarter Horses Jerry Simons Estate Horse Sale will be November 30, at Faith Livestock, Faith, S.D. There will be broodmares, four proven stallions, started horses, young prospects and weanlings being offered. There’s speed and cow in them and they are arena performance and ranch bred all the way. They are raised in big ranch country and are strong and sound of limb. You can check out the pedigrees and list of sale horses by going on the Facebook site Moreau River Quarter Horses Jerry Simons Estate Horse Sale. Please call Lynda Simons at 605-641-1898 for info on the horses.

Well, that winds up my sunny circle for the week. I hope you can get caught up on some of that fall work while the sun is shining!

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