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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Stock dog warning, banquets, BHSS events, clinics, practices

It’s sure been a crisp week for most of us on the northern plains. I think all the hayfields should be firmed up enough that you can get the rest of the hay hauled out of them now without leaving ruts. I was up in the Ekalaka/Baker, Mont. Area recently and I’m amazed at how much hay is still out on the fields on the trip up there. Also, there’s still corn waiting to be picked southwest of Baker (yes, I said corn). Some fields got done and are being grazed, so they’re making progress.

This is a reminder for when you’re deworming cattle or horses. Keep you Border Collie and other stock breeds away from the ivermectin products, whether a pour-on, oral or injectible. Even the manure can carry enough in it to be a problem. Ivermectin is toxic to those breeds that carry the Multi Drug Resistance 1 gene (MDR1). Mostly it causes neurological signs but can also cause blindness. If a dog survives, it may be impaired permanently, but survival isn’t the norm. Dogs are always right there when we’re working and of course, your beloved face licker is also a poop eater, so when the ivermectin goes on through the horse or cow, they can ingest it in the manure. Dogs can be tested for the MDR1 gene, which would be a good idea if you are planning to breed your dogs. Ivermectin isn’t the only drug that effects them, so testing is a good idea in general. You can send in a cheek swab for the testing. For more information on MDR1 mutations, go to http://www.vcpl.vetmed.wsu.edu/.

The NBHA SD05 member awards banquet will be Jan. 25, at the Moose Lodge in Mobridge, S.D. Social hour will be from 5:30 to 6 p.m., awards at 7 p.m. CST. There’s a prime rib dinner offered and you’ll need to RSVP for that so they know how much to prepare. Go to the NBHA SD05 Group on Facebook to vote for the hard luck award (members only) and to RSVP.

There will be a breakaway jackpot Sunday, Jan. 25, at the Reinert Arena, Exit 116, Wall, S.D. Entries will close at 11:30 a.m., rope at noon. The Warm-Up Roping will be two full rounds, no short go, $75/enter up to three times. Youth Sidepot for 16 and under is $40. Open is two full rounds, top 15 back for the short go. It’s $200/enter up to two times. Call Cole Reinert at 605-515-3575 for info.

KPH Arena, Gillette, Wyo., will be having Flag Night practices on the flag/mechanical cow with small groups and lots of fun! It’s $30/hour practice, $20 for the jackpot, cash only. Dates are Jan. 27; Feb. 10 and 24, 6 to 8 p.m. Reserve your spot with Ashley at 307-680-5362.

The BHSS is having a new event with the ROXOR of the Black Hills Wild Bronc Ride on Feb. 1, 6 p.m., at the Event Center in Rapid City, S.D. There’s $5000 up, $125 to enter. The long go will feature 12 wild and western bronc riders drressed in costume, short go will have four of them back. Brandon James will be playing afterwards and the $10 admission covers both.

The BHSS 20X Extreme Showcase Rodeo will be Feb. 2, 1 p.m., in the Barnett Arena at the Civic Center, Rapid City, S.D. It’s a SDHSRA invitational rodeo and is great to watch.

During the BHSS there’s always the Reunion Fellowship Cowboy Church at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. This year it’s on Feb. 2, 9:30 a.m., and will have gospel music, testimonials, and the featured speaker is Harold Delbridge. For more info, call Larry Reinhold at 605-923-6056 or Jim Hunt 605-365-7249.

There willl be a Cowboy Poetry Night at the Bentley Memorial Building in Bison, S.D. on Sunday, Feb. 9. The Perkins County Fairboard invites on and all to enjoy and the auction to follow. There’s a free will donation to get in. For more information, call Tracy Buer at 605-490-8725.

This is awfully early I know, but I think if you’re wanting in this you’d better get your name on the list. There will be a Joe Wolter Horsemanship and Ranch Roping clinic on July 11-12 at the Fallon County Fairgrounds, Baker, Mont. There are limited spots for riders, unlimited auditors. If you’re interested, call Mallory Dougherty at 913-787-1572 or email her at ropingonfaith19@gmail.com.

That winds up my circle for another week. I hope it warms up a tad bit for all of you and turns off nice for the Stock Show. Have a great week and be safe out there.

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