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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Tierney wins Timed Event, Cancellation, postponements, stuff to look forward to

It’s a crazy old world out there. I hope you all are doing okay and staying healthy. I know I’ve been out in the sticks for so long that this being “quarantined” isn’t a new thing. Us ranchers aren’t used to being out amongst folks much anyway, so it’s more of an inconvenience than anything. Those of you calving and lambing weren’t going anywhere for a while anyway and now, if you have school age kids, you have lots of extra help!

Joking aside, the more we’ll stay away from crowds and all, the better off our medical centers will be able to handle the possible influx of patients. If we had a strangles outbreak in horses or a bunch of cows positive with TB, we’d take that seriously and stay isolated with our stock, so let’s do the same for those who maybe couldn’t weather this virus if they caught it.

Congrats to Jess Tierney, Hermosa, S.D., on being the 2020 Cinch Timed Event Reserve Champion at the Lazy E Arena. Jess had a total time of 347.7 on 25 head of stock in four events, which are steer roping, tie down roping, steer wrestling and team roping. Talk about an iron man competition, this is it! Jess is a tremendous hand and proved it once again.

The Eastern Wyoming Campuses at Gillette and Torrington have cancelled the spring rodeos and jackpots. The college rodeo season should resume at Casper the end of April.

The Kentucky Derby has been postponed to Sept. 5. Considering the vast number of people grouped together for training beforehand, and the potential of 150,000 there to watch it the first weekend in May, it’s probably a wise decision. It sure puts all the people working there in a bind though. Hopefully something can be done to help them through this time. There’s no word yet on whether the other two Triple Crown races will change their dates.

The Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show is still on for May at Sheridan, Wyo. It’s sure hard to know what to do with events, but hopefully this is far enough out that it won’t be a problem for anyone.

On the “let’s have some more concerning news” front, a S.D. mare has tested positive for Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) in Jerauld County in the eastern part of the state. Four of the 10 EHV-1 exposed mares, including the one mentioned, aborted their foals. It’s easily spread by any type of contact, whether horse to horse or through equipment and hands.

Several regional horse sales have been cancelled or postponed. Billings Livestock Commission in Billings, Mont., has cancelled the March BLS sale. They will reassess in April pertaining to the April sale. They are held the last weekend of the month. Also, the Spring Draft Horse Sale at Waverly, Iowa has been postponed until May 12-15.

On a more exciting and positive note, the 2020 Champion of Champions Indian Relay Races will be held at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, Casper, Wyo., Sept. 25-27, 2 p.m. each day. These races are one of the best events I’ve ever seen and sure worth the drive to Casper.

Entries will open April 20 for the 14th Annual Custer Ranch Rodeo at Custer, Mont. It will be June 20, starting at noon. Entry fee is $400/team and each team must have one woman or if a woman’s team, one man. Call 406-851-1741 for info or to get entered.

You probably ought to be getting your tickets and your room lined up for the 70th Annual World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale at Miles City, Mont. The event is May 14-17. Go to http://www.buckinghorsesale.com to get details on all the events and other info.

Here’s a great clinic to get on your calender! There will be a Buster and Sheryl McLaury Horsemanship Clinic on Memorial Day weekend, May 22-25, at Fremont, Neb. You can learn more about these wonderful folks and their excellent clinics at http://www.bustermclaury.com. To get your name on the list and for more information about the May clinic, call Colleen Parmenter at 402-427-5244.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Be patient with one another, check on your older, health compromised neighbors (by phone) and keep your hands to yourself. We’ll get through this folks. Pray every day for our nation and our President. God’s still in control.