Outside Circle with Jan Swan Wood: The enemy within, cancellations and reschedules, closures, Jessy Davis home, actual events | TSLN.com

Outside Circle with Jan Swan Wood: The enemy within, cancellations and reschedules, closures, Jessy Davis home, actual events

Another of week of below normal temperatures, snow and bad news from many sectors. The whole livestock industry from beef cow producers to chicken farmers is in a tail spin. The lunacy going on could be curtailed if we had an Ag Secretary that was working FOR the producers and not the corporate monsters that own the industry by virtue of owning all of the facilities that our products must pass through. I hope our President realizes soon that ol’ Sonny is the problem, not the answer.

I’ll give you the cancellations and then try to get some good news and events before you. Cancelled events: Clark County (S.D.) High School practice rodeos on May 25, checks will be refunded; Wessington Springs Foothill SDRA Rodeo May 30-31; 10th Annual Chris LeDoux Days, Kaycee, Wyo., refunds are on the way; Timber Lake (S.D.) High School practice rodeo, entries will be mailed back; Evanston (Wyo) Summer Rodeo Series; Buckin’ On the River, Pierre, S.D.; Cowboy States Reining Horse Association Annual awards banquet.

The Southern Campbell County Agriculture Complex arena at Wright, Wyo., is closed until further notice. Call 307-464-1666 if you have any questions.

Jessy Davis, Power, Mont., PRCA bareback rider, is finally home after being severely injured on Feb. 1 at roughstock event at W. Valley City, Utah. Davis, 39, has had five surgeries to repair his liver that was crushed when his bareback horse fell on him 7.04 seconds into his ride. He required 21 liters of blood to keep him alive when he made it to the hospital. It’s been a long grind for him with some setbacks along the way, but he’s feeling a lot better being home with his family. He’ll have one more surgery to repair the incision site on his belly when he is stronger.

INFR deadlines have been extended for personnel and contractor memberships from April 15 to May 15. Tour rodeo application deadlines were extended from March 15 to May 15 as well.

This event is still scheduled and if that changes, they’ll let us know. The Two Head Muley Roping at the Rosebud County Fairgrounds at Forsyth, Mont., will be May 23. Entries have to be in by May 5. Entry fee is $100/man and you can enter twice. It’s cash only, pay that day when you get there. Call Mackabe Severe at 406-331-0621 to enter.

The Junior Miss Rodeo South Dakota pageant entries are open and due June 1. This is a scholarship program for girls age 13-18, offering $2,000 in scholarships. To get your entry packets, email jrmissrsd@gmail. The pageant will be July 23-24 during the Days of 76 Rodeo at Deadwood, S.D.

The Crushin’ Cans Barrel Series at Oelrichs, S.D. has set the dates. They are June 8, 22; July 6, 20; August 10, with the finals August 17. The Crushin’ Cans Jackpot for Hermosa, S.D. on May 17 has been postponed and that date will be anounced as soon as possible. The July 25 run at Hermosa is still scheduled, plus will have a team roping jackpot. Harrison, Neb. Will be June 4, Edgemont, S.D. August 2.

Bakken Barrel Daze will be June 14 at Sidney, Mont. It is WPRA, NWBRA, UBRC, BBR and OBRA approved and will have $2000 added money. Pre-entries are due June 2. Contact Lana Tibbs at 406-951-2394 for info or to pre-enter.

There will be a Phil Haugen Advanced Horsemanship Clinic at the Circle T Arena, Hermosa, S.D. on July 11-12. It’s $465/student, $100/day to audit. You can register on-line at http://www.philhaugenhorsemanship.com. To reserve a stall call Kate Tiltrum at 605-858-8665.

The Pennington County (S.D.) 4-H Rodeo has been rescheduled for Friday, July 31. Entry forms will be updated on the state website right away.

More information will be coming soon for the Northern Premier Invitational Horse Sale that is going to be held at Belle Fourche, at the Roundup Grounds, on Sept. 4. It will be held in conjunction with two days of rodeo and a superhorse challenge, so should draw a crowd. I’ll let you know more as soon as I can.

That’s my circle for another week. Let’s keep on trying to stay positive folks. This too shall pass, and warmer weather and happier times are ahead of us. Treasure your families and friends and be thankful that we are where we are and not in a place where the insanity of the circumstances has gone over the top. God is still in control. None of this was a surprise to Him. Stay strong.

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