Parr: Keep up the good work |

Parr: Keep up the good work

I have just carefully read the April 11 article you had on the cattle market collapse. I have been waiting and waiting for some news on the administration’s investigation into market manipulation by the four major packers.

I think Sonny Perdue is a joke. Apparently many of our top officials have stock in the meat companies and are more interested in their own profits than being fair with us.

It has gone on too long – over the years.

A few years ago, it was a ruling on the transparency of price reporting. They gerryrigged that to make it meaningless.

Bryan Gill’s article is good. Senator Rounds seems to be doing a good job. I’ve supported R-CALF for many years.

I really liked your spring 2020 edition of Forage. Especially the fina article on range judging. I learned to identify many native plants from Dr. Albertson and Jerry Tomanek at Ft. Hays Kansas State College in the early 50s.

They were both products of the U. of Nebraska, I believe. Best teachers I ever had.

Keep up your good work,

Rod Parr

Wyola, Montana

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