Pastor in the Pasture Wendel Elliott: Wild mavericks |

Pastor in the Pasture Wendel Elliott: Wild mavericks

I have heard many a story or told them about wild cattle out in the pasture. I’ve roped a few however I know there’s fellers out there that have made a living out of it. For what ever reason they are the ones that just won’t come in with the gather. You’ve tried all the tricks and secrets that folks swear by but it’s to no avail. I heard this one story of a feller that was on the hunt for one last hold out from the sale of a ranch. She needed to be captured because the ranch needed to be clean of livestock before transfer of ownership. These fellers had hunted for her for a few days and knew the area she was hiding out. Now mind you this was country that had some brushy places to hide with some open country as well. They finally found her and flushed her out into an opening. The horse and rider closed the gap quick and the loop was swung straight and true. The cow had found her match that day. The other cowboy heeled her and they stretched her out. As they prepped her for loading in the trailer, the header noticed something he hadn’t ever noticed before. He had roped cattle before, had worked many head both in the pasture and in the pens, and had been around livestock all of his life. This time it was different, He looked deep into that ole cow’s eye as she lay on the ground. Strangely he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards Jesus. At that moment as he looked into that cow’s eye he felt the Lord telling him, “That used to be you…you were once a maverick, a running off, hiding in the brush maverick.” In that moment he sensed the Lord tell him, “But I came looking for you. I pursued you and found you where you were. In the midst of briar, brush, darkness…sin.”

If you are a Christ follower today, maybe you can relate to that ole cow. You were hiding from Christ, lost in thinking you were free, lost in the brush and darkness of the world. However now…now you follow Him and you’re thankful for Him saving you. You are truly free now.

If today you find yourself still hiding, running; a maverick in the brush…well, don’t waste another moment, come on out and let Him throw His loop around you and bring you into the gather.

After calling Zacchaeus down from the sycamore tree, “Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:9-10 NIV)

Jesus is on the hunt for mavericks like you and don’t think you’re fooling Him by hiding because He knows where you are. Take that step out towards Him and His salvation.

I’ll see ya’ll out in the pasture!

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