Pastor in the Pasture Wendel Elliott: Getting Serious In 2020 |

Pastor in the Pasture Wendel Elliott: Getting Serious In 2020

There is an expression that you may have heard that says, “He means business.” I’m sure there are other ways it has been used or different ways it has been said. It could be something like, “Man, he ain’t joking around,” “He ain’t messing around,” or even, “He’s for real.”

It can sometimes be utilized in a negative light as when you got in trouble with your dad. He meant business when he got the belt. Not that disciplining your kids is a bad thing but it sure wasn’t fun suffering consequences for dumb actions. Nonetheless…he meant business.

Another way it’s used in the ranching way of life is talking about a colt or horse that bucks. Some ol’ feller will be telling a story about a horse he once rode. It usually goes something like this, “That colt ducked his head, kissed his butt, and went to bucking. And boys, he meant business!”

Say it however you would like the message conveyed about the subject is simply this…they are getting serious.

We all know what it’s like and what it takes to get serious about certain things in life. You set your mind to something and you mean business. With the New Year getting underway you may have looked over some areas from last year and thought I need to be more serious about that in 2020.

You may have gotten your Bible back out and started on a reading plan to take you through it in 2020. If you are more of a device user you have the YouVersion Bible App and have a daily plan you follow. You are serious. You mean business.

I know that there might be a day or two that you’ll miss but don’t stop! You can do it! Here a few things to remember about God’s Word that may help encourage you when you find yourself not being as serious.

● God’s Word is timeless – Psalm 119:89 says, “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.” (NASB) Think of all of the rulers, kings, and tyrants that have tried to destroy the Word of God. Think of all of the atheists and agnostics that have come against the Word of God. Even false teachers and preachers that have misled, twisted and removed the Word of God from churches. Yet despite all of those efforts…God’s Word remains!

● God’s Word stands on its own merit for it is Truth! – John 17:17 says, “Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.”(NASB) God’s Word is truth and stands on its own apart from anything else. It doesn’t need anything to “shore it up.” It is the source of all truth.

● God’s Word is His – 2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is inspired by God (God-breathed (NIV)) and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness,…”(NASB) God didn’t look at some man’s writings and say, “Yep, that looks good,I’ll use what he wrote.” No! God breathed His Word and the scriptures out as the writers of the Bible held writing instruments in their hands.

I hope those few points help encourage you as the days, weeks, and months of 2020 pass. However the question remains, “Do you mean business?” Which brings me to my last point and question. Is God’s Word treasured in your life? It’s amazing to me what becomes valuable in our lives. It can be utterly ridiculous when you think about those things that we treasure. What is the most prized possession you own? What is your most valuable possession? I pray that you and I truly treasure His Word. That’s my challenge and encouragement to you and me for all of 2020. Let us truly treasure His Word.

Well, I’m behind a couple days, I better go get to reading.

I’ll see y’all out in the pasture!

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