Pastor in the Pasture Wendel Elliott: The How and Who of Christmas |

Pastor in the Pasture Wendel Elliott: The How and Who of Christmas

It’s a busy time of year around our parts. I find myself caught between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s a whole bunch I’ve gotten done and behind me but there’s more to do ahead leading up to Christmas.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my nephew and his wife at their house which is about 85 miles up the road. There was lots to eat and lots of family. After Thanksgiving we had to gear up for deer hunters on the ranches we look after. They’re a good group and I enjoy riding around with them and showing them the country and hopefully a good deer or two. We’ve got windmills to fix and some fence to fix. On top of that we have some calves we missed during shipping and well let’s just say they’ll be mashing on the scales a little. I did go get us a Christmas tree and got it set up in the front room. I don’t use them fancy store-bought tree stands. I make mine out of one by four boards and use a short lick tub to stand it up in for holding water. This is all just on the ranch. As I was in the midst of last week getting hunters around and cutting a pinon pine for a Christmas tree it struck me…here I am a pastor and I hadn’t stopped to consider the “how” and the “Who” of Christmas.

Maybe you’re busy like me and have found yourself there. I know you have cattle to feed and hay to put out. You have to check and make sure cattle have water and not a block of ice this time of year. Those are just on the ranch. Then there’s all the other events and festivities and celebrations going on at schools, churches, other work, and families. In the midst of all we can miss the Biblical celebration of Christmas and wind up celebrating just a plain watered down version of Christmas. Now don’t hear me trashing the way you celebrate or traditions your family may have during this time of year. However, without God there is no Biblical meaning of Christmas. Sure Christ is in the word Christmas but are we stopping to ensure we’re celebrating Biblically? Here’s a couple of things to remember to help us in that celebration. (Please reference the book of Luke 1:26-38 for the points below.)

Remembering the “how” of Christmas will help:

1. God did the impossible – He came into the world, which He created, without ceasing to be the infinite, uncreated God that He is.

2. He came into this world through a virgin – Mary knew no man in the Biblical sense. She was betrothed or promised to be Joseph’s wife (which had the weight of being married already as in a vow to be married to someone) but hadn’t had physical intimacy.

3. He chose a human father from the line and heritage of King David. God had been preparing the world for this moment for thousands of years. He had made promise after promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants down to David and on to Joseph.

4. He sent His Holy Spirit with His divine power. God’s divine power overshadowed Mary and impregnated her the Holy Child.

So that’s the “how,” now what about the “Who?”

Remembering the “Who” of Christmas:

1. He is King – several references in Luke 1:32-33 talking of a throne, reign, and kingdom. Don’t get caught up with the word “King” because…

2. He is holy – not an earthly king with selfish, tyrannical tendencies. He is pure and good. He is without defect, deficiency, or blemish.

3. He is the Son of God – both divine and human. To have this king in your life is to have the protection of infinite power of Almighty God.

4. His name is Jesus – He is the Savior of the world. Savior of sinners not the righteous.

5. His reign is forever – There is no end to His reign. It will last. There is no election coming up that will unseat Him. There is no term limit for Him. He is not in danger of losing His throne.

I hope and pray that this helps you in celebrating a Biblical Christmas this year. More importantly, this Christmas I pray that you know Him as your personal Savior and He is Lord of your life. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

I’ll see y’all out in the pasture!

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