Peggy Symonds, horse sale at Gordon, Derby Day, Cuny clinic, grass founder warning |

Peggy Symonds, horse sale at Gordon, Derby Day, Cuny clinic, grass founder warning

We got some wonderful moisture recently, as did many of you in the surrounding states. The grass is really revving up and taking off now! Our cows held off from calving through the rain/snow mixture, so it sure was a solid blessing for us. It’s a muddy mess everywhere I try to walk, so it’s just the way I like it in April.

My circle of beloved friends is one short this week. Peggy Symonds, Sundance, Wyo., has crossed the divide. Her obituary is elsewhere in this paper, so I won’t go into detail on her activities and suchlike. I do want to tell you that Peggy was like one of those super all around type horses. She could do absolutely anything she set her mind to, never gave up, always reliable, would work through pain and lameness, had a positive attitude, stood by her family and friends through thick and thin, and was a pure treasure to know and love. Peggy wouldn’t mind being compared to a good horse, as she had a deep appreciation for good horses. My friendship with her and Tom goes back to my childhood when I was in school with their kids. We were also in playdays, 4-H, fair, and sometimes trouble, together. When I grew up, my respect for Tom and Peggy grew as I appreciated them more as an adult than I could as a kid. Hard working, nose-to-the-grindstone people, but always good for a story and some real belly laughs. Recently I drove through Sundance and thought that I ought to stop and visit them. I told myself that I wouldn’t be able to spend nearly enough time with them, so I kept driving and vowed to go see them with only a visit on the agenda. Well, I didn’t get it done. I’m sure sorry for that. I’ll spend time with her Tom and their kids, and we’ll do some laughing and crying together, remembering a woman like no other I’ve ever known. She was one of my heroes.

There will be a catalog and open consignment horse sale at Gordon Livestock, Gordon, Neb., on May 1. Loose horses will sell at 9 a.m., catalog horses will preview at noon and sell at 2 p.m., with open consignment horses selling after that. You can view the catalog horse on line at For more info, call Gordon Livestock at 308-282-1171, Link at 308-282-9998 or Dick at 308-360-6427.

Don’t forget to watch the Kentucky Derby on May 7! They’ll be running a mile and a quarter for a tidy $2 million purse. Always fun to watch those beautiful 3-year-olds run and cheer for a Triple Crown hopeful.

The Lynch Arena Playday will be Saturday, May 14 at Valley Springs, S.D. Signup starts at 9 a.m. with the playday at 11 a.m. They have every playday event imaginable and for all ages. For details call Jared at 605-212-8917 or Jenn at 605-660-5310.

On May 15 there will be a Junior Boy’s Goat Tying Clinic at Castlewood, S.D. It runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be taught by SDSU rodeo team members Sterling Gehrke and Jacey Hupp. It’s for boys 14 and under and will have both dummy tying and live goats, plus instruction on a fast “get off,” so they’ll need to bring their goat tying horse. It will be held at Robyn and Paul Johnson’s place and lunch will be provided. Cost is $100/person with a $50 deposit due May 1. Call 605-520-9464 or 605-881-4666 for information.

Don’t forget the 66th Annual Miles City Bucking Horse Sale at Miles City, Mont.! It will run from May 19-22 and will have horse racing, WSRRA ranch broncs, futurity broncs, bucking bull sale, wild horse races, bucking horse futurity, match bronc ride, street dances, parades, vendors, cowboy church and usually some rain. Go to for detailed information!

On May 24-26 there will be a Mark Cuny breakaway and calf roping school held at Mark and Leslie Cuny’s place near Porcupine, S.D. Mark is an INFR World Champion calf roper and a great instructor. Breakaway will be $300 and calf roping $350, with $100 deposit due by May 17 to hold your spot. There is room for 10 people in each event, so you’d better get right on this. You can call Mark at 605-515-4286 or Leslie at 605-890-3083 for more information.

Just a reminder: since the green grass is coming on strong, be watching out for grass founder in your horses, ponies or mules. Any horse that is too fat and has a cresty neck is sure a likely candidate, so if you see ol’ Chubs standing with one or both front feet extended out in front and hind feet up under him, you’d better get him in off that grass, administer some Bute and call your vet. Any horse that’s already foundered will do it again very quickly.

Have a great week!

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