‘Rancher, You Are Not Your Ranch.’

You are not the cows you had to sell or the land you had to lease. You exist outside of your success in this business. Rancher you are not your ranch.

I’ve seen land sold, bank notes unpaid, and good men take their own lives – not knowing they were worth much more than all the acres they sacrificed. Hard times come and the debt piles up, the drought swallows up our hopes. But there is a deeper, richer hope than full dams, green grass, big checks, and good looking cows — if we lift our eyes to God.

Take that weight off yourself rancher, you are not your ranch.

The land was never yours nor your great grand-dad’s. The weight of ownership was never meant for you to shoulder. The land is all God’s, He just let you take care of it for a while. So if drought, market, or storm forces your hand, smile knowing God’s proud of you and He’s got a plan.

In the country, it’s hard to know where the ranch ends and we begin. The line between home and work is blurred, we don’t know who we are apart from the prairie we were born and raised in. Maybe you’re one who’s had to give up the fight – you’re tired, burnt out, overworked. But you’re scared you don’t exist without the cows and heirloom dirt. Please know God will fill that ranch sized hole, and show you who you are. Rancher you are not your ranch – don’t give up hope. God has a plan for your life

Sentel Schreier

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