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May for Congress

Judd Schomp
Martin, SD

The American cattle rancher is desperately asking for help. But our federal government continues to fail us and silently watches us bleed out.

Cattlemen across the country are at great risk of shutting down our ranching operations because out of touch politicians, like Dusty Johnson, favor the Major Packing houses instead of the American rancher.

Two of the four Major Packers are foreign owned. Dusty collects campaign contributions from the National Cattle Business Association (NCBA) who listen to the meat packers sitting on their board, rather than the hardworking, struggling cattle rancher.

By not passing mCOOL or forcing the same regulations on the Major Packers, Dusty has decided we no longer need the American Rancher, thus working to eliminate the American cattle ranch. The price of cattle dropped dramatically, but the price of beef never changed. The Packers are raking in huge profits while the rancher suffers.

In 2019, Cattlemen were lucky to make a profit on their head of cattle. I took a hit so hard that I’ve considered delivering fuel for the CO-OP which pays $75,000 / year. That is about $100,000 more than I made last year. Ranchers from across the country have done anything and everything they can do to reach out to our Federal Government and our Representatives.

Sadly, like Dusty, the USDA, under Sonny Perdue, sides with the 4 Major Packers showing us that the American Rancher is not needed, as they can get their cattle cheaper from foreign countries, like Brazil.

Currently, the 4 major packers import foreign meat from Brazil into our country. Brazil? The country that has been burning off the rain forests to raise more cattle, has no regulations on how or what drugs they can put in their cattle, and sent rotten tainted beef to the US just 2 years ago.

The good ole’ USDA and Dusty have decided for the consumer that it is all the same product. They have decided to HIDE that information and DECEIVE the American consumer and label it ALL as Product of the USA. I can not tell you the amount of letters, emails, phone calls, tweets, or facebook messages sent to Washington DC over the past 8 months pleading for them to enforce.

Our leaders have failed us.

The so-called rancher friendly legislation Dusty is currently pushing is motivated by his understanding that he has lost the rancher vote, and he’s scared. If Dusty really cared about the American rancher, he would have pushed harder for mCOOL instead of telling me “I can’t ‘take a stand’ that will destroy $2 billion in ag sales.”

I am Done with Dusty. On June 2, I will be supporting Liz Marty May for Congress who is a trusted cattle rancher and, unlike Dusty, will fight for and be the voice of American cattlemen, and allow Americans to eat safe and USA raised meat!