Ever’ now and then

When we was on a trail drive

A preacher man’d ride in

An talk to us about livin’ right

Some ‘o the boys called ’em Sky Pilots

It’d bring a loud guffaw

From wild and woolly cowboys

Who forgot their bringin’ up

They think of their whiskey drinkin’

And maybe soiled doves

And of bein’ unrepentant

Of the wild life they love

Some Pilots who came into camp

Spoutin’ fire and brimstone

Scared the b’Jesus out of us

Recallin’ what we’d learned at home

They’d rant‘n rave‘n yell

Fierce red eyes brimmin’ fire

To scare the hell right out of us

Frothin’ at the mouth; shrill voice risin’ higher

But then ever’ now and then

A certain preacher man rode up

Sit on his hoss smellin’ coffee

An’ say “boys you got a cup?

He had this gentle way about him

That made us boys look at the ground

Shuffle our feet and squirm inside

‘Cause he never looked us down

Never told us how bad we were

“Stead he told us what was good

Taught us about human dignity

What honor meant to manhood

Honor means lots of things

Not sure how well it’s understood

But all of it has somethin’ to do

With what was taught us by our Lord

Bein’ kind and gentle

To both animals and man

Not thinkin’ of yourself

Always helpin’ where you can

Keepin’ your word and always

Followin’ the Golden Rule

Though it costs money, pride, or love

Keep it to your last molecule

Most trouble comes when someone

Has a selfish bent

Cause when the “I” and “ME are there

They’ll never be content

We started thinkin’ deep inside

This man wasn’t a hollerin’ preacher

He was a man who knew what honor was

He was a Rabbi and a Teacher

The kind of Pilot who made a hand

Firm in his resolve to be just like him

The moral light that showed around

Struck a chord deep within

He’s a Sky Pilot sure as I’m born

Said an old cowboy rubbin’ his whiskers

I sure enough hope he comes back soon

‘Cause I think I heard the Lord Whisper


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