St. Onge horse sale, Valentine gathering, INFR Jr. deadline, big bad wolf, geld those colts |

St. Onge horse sale, Valentine gathering, INFR Jr. deadline, big bad wolf, geld those colts

We got a nice rain recently and settled the dust. It was sure welcome. Years ago an old rancher in our country was asked if it was going to rain. He replied “Nope. Not enough third cutting down yet.” Well, Leo was right on target. There was some pretty hay on the ground, but none of it was mine so I was just thankful for the rain.

There will be an open horse sale at St. Onge Livestock, St. Onge, S.D. on October 10, starting about noon. The horses will sell after the butcher cow sale that day, so a specific time is not possible.

The 24th Annual Old West Days Nebraska Cowboy and Poetry Gathering will be October 8-11 in beautiful Valentine, Neb. They have a great line-up of talent plus a western art, trade and quilt shows. Valentine is such a nice town with the friendliest folks you’ll meet anywhere, so that combined with this fun gathering should be a great time. for more information or tickets, call 800-658-4024 or check it all out at

For all the Junior division parents/guardians for the Indian National Finals Rodeo contestants, you have to submit verification of grades for the dates of October 15-21. That has to be in the INFR office no later than October 21.

I’m sure happy to hear that the Miles City sale barn has been rebuilt and will be holding its first sale in the new facility on Oct. 6. They lost the old building in a June fire. They’ve kept having sales every week through all of it so those folks are hard to stop. Those sale barns are the life blood of our ranching/farming communities and contribute so much to the towns they’re in.

Good ol’ boy and country music legend Charlie Daniels has a new song out that is about what the rodeo hands endure to qualify for the finals. The title of the song is “It Don’t Get No Better Than That” and is the ultimate tribute to the lifestyle of the rodeo cowboy/cowgirl and what the NFR means to them. The song will be available on iTunes beginning Oct. 12 and proceeds of the song will go to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. Rodeo fans can also download the song for free at

Speaking of the WNFR, the PRCA season has wrapped up for 2015 and there were some real shifts in the year end standings and qualifications to the finals in the last days of the season. Check out the standings in this week’s paper to see what I mean.

I am sure glad that horse racing has returned to Wyoming. There were races at several locations in 2015, with the most recent a three day meet at Gillette’s Energy Downs. What’s good for horse racing is good for the horse business. I do like fast horses!

In the not-so-good-news department, I read of a recent wolf kill in the Wallowa Mountains area of eastern Oregon. The death of a healthy, sound, six year old gelding debunks the myth that wolves only kill the sick, weak or old. Such a loss for the person who owned and used this gelding. Big Bad is out there and spreading like gossip, so keep your eyes open wherever you are.

I was perusing a list of the top 10 worst charities and, imagine my surprise, the Humane Society of the United States came in at #6. They use the sad stories/photos of suffering animals to line their pockets and fill their very large coffers with the “gold” of the good-intentioned but ignorant people. They have absolutely no affiliation with any humane society pet shelter in the nation, so if you want to donate, donate to your local shelter or organization that actually uses the money to do good for the animals.

If you haven’t already, get the appointment made to get those stud colts gelded before winter. The younger they are when gelded, the easier it is on them, plus you don’t have the headache of having a stud colt around and mixed with your fillies. If you think a yearling stud can’t breed a filly or mare, I have a nice piece of ocean front property in northwestern South Dakota I’ll sell you too.

Well, that’s my circle for the week. Do send me your items of interest and upcoming events and I’ll sure share them here. I can’t tell anyone about something I don’t know about myself!

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