Steer Wrestling clinic, grow that moustache, PRCA decisions, CNFR on ESPN2 |

Steer Wrestling clinic, grow that moustache, PRCA decisions, CNFR on ESPN2

The weather has sure been tolerable. I always think of cold, snow and wind when I think of March, so this one has been pretty nice. It sure has been nice for those folks that are calving and lambing. We won’t start calving until mid-April, but the cows are sure starting to loosen up and look “calvey.” The meadowlarks are singing and the geese are moving, so I’m declaring it spring.

The Good Ranch steer wrestling clinics will be held April 11 and 18 at the ranch at Long Valley, South Dakota. It’s $100 per day with a noon meal provided. You can call Allen Good for information at 605-462-6290 or 605-441-6896.

In the department of very reliable rumors, I heard that there isn’t going to be horse racing at Fargo, North Dakota, this season. They built a nice facility there, but built it in the wrong place as far as I was concerned. Seems like the Bismarck/Mandan area would have been a better location for drawing spectators. Just my opinion, which, along with $1.50, will usually buy you a cup of bad coffee.

A great event is coming up, but to be ready to enter, you’ll need to start growing your moustache today! The Badlands Stache Bronc and Bull Bash will be May 31 at Interior, South Dakota. There will be barebacks, saddle broncs and bulls, but if you don’t have a ‘stache, you can’t enter. They are wanting everyone to dress retro ‘70’s and ‘80’s style to go with the ‘staches. The best moustache/garb will have his entry fees paid. This event will be put on Spud Creek Rodeo Productions, aka Dave and Nate Morrison, of Potato Creek, S.D. Entries for the event will open May 1. I’ll get contact info soon and be able to share that with you here.

I got word that the PRCA has approved the Sentinel Butte (N.D.) Home On The Range Saddle Bronc riding contest so that the money won there will count toward the WNFR. It will be run on the same format as the PRCA Extreme bull riding events. I believe they will be accepting 30 saddle bronc riders with 12 back in the short go. Added purse will be $25,000. It should be the best payday in the saddle broncs in the month of August, so it should draw the top end of the bronc riders. The bronc riding will be August 1.

The PRCA Board of Directors also unanimously passed a rule change for the tie-down roping at their March 10 meeting. The committee that suggested it consists of tie-down ropers, rodeo committees, stock contractors and animal welfare reps. The new rule, which is effective June 1, gives rodeo committees the option of replacing the existing fine for a jerk down in the event with a no time. There are some rules they’ll need to follow either way, so committees will have to get up to speed on them.

It’s not all a done deal yet, but the details are being worked out for the College National Finals to stream live on-line on ESPN3. The rodeo association and ESPN have been working on the deal after discovering that the Casper Events Center has the bandwidth to suppose streaming the event. Usually the finals is taped and aired later in the summer on ESPNU, so a live broadcast would be great. The 67th College National Finals begins June 14 at Casper, Wyo.

Here’s a heads up for anyone with a foundered horse, pony, mule or burro. There’s a touch of green showing in a lot of places with this warm weather and that little tiny green grass is bad stuff for those foundered horses. The cold nights of springtime, coupled with the warm days, sprouts that grass and it is very bad for those overfat, foundered equines. We will be getting our little Welsh ponyTim locked up in the next few days to keep him from foundering again. Keep an eye on them and on where they are grazing. An ounce of prevention sure beats a pound of uncurable founder.

I was driving by some horses in a pasture along the highway the other days and pulled a little hank of my hair out when I saw those nice horses wearing heavy nylon halters, firmly buckled on their heads. I hope I never drive by there and see the gruesome results of one of them getting that stout halter caught on something. There were trees, fences of course and a bale feeder for them to get hung up on. Never, ever leave a halter on a horse! If he’s that hard to catch, get to work on getting him easier to catch.

Well, that’s my circle for this week. Be sure and send me your upcoming events and info. Have a wonderful week. F