Thank you from Prairie Center |

Thank you from Prairie Center

(Matt Berry gave us permission to share this Facebook post.)

This is probably one of the hardest and most humbling posts I have written in a very long time just for the sheer twist of unexpected events that occurred today. I shared with you earlier about the generosity I experienced while I was at Bomgars (the local farm/ranch supply store) this afternoon. (Almost every other person who came through the counter was donating anything from a bucket of staples to throwing down $1,000 and telling the manager to load up everything they could for that amount. I saw a flatbed roll in with over 300 posts I was assuming that all those were being donated as well.)

This evening, Karie, my grandmother and I took dinner out to the ranch to spend with the folks and Kaci Smith. We dropped a couple pies off at George Ochsner Ranch Hereford-Angus ranch and stopped in to get an update on Rod.

As we pulled into the Berry ranch yard, a pickup and flatbed rolled into the yard out of nowhere. As I made out the details of the load, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…it was a significant amount of the donated fencing materials I had just seen at Bomgars three hours prior.

Very rarely have I ever seen my father and mother with tears in their eyes, humbled heads lowered, and shaking, but today was one of those days. We unloaded over 300 wood posts, 50 steel posts, 39 rolls of barbed wire, clips, and over 200 pounds of staples! The load was coordinated by the North Hills Baptist Church and Pastor David K. Anderson.

On top of that, there is a crew coming in from Lusk to help rebuild the fence in the near future. During supper, we got a call from Lex Madden saying there were several loads of hay that were going to be delivered as well.

A huge shout out to Lacy Holthus and Jay Holthus for your donation of time and finances as well for materials and labor! With a humbled heart and on behalf of the Berry family, Bumper and Kayle, we want to thank everyone for their generosity. They wish they could thank every single person who donated materials and ask anyone who sees this post that if you know someone who did donate to PLEASE tell those individuals THANK YOU from the Berry family!

Not only will these materials benefit us but also the Lay Ranch and the Ochsner Ranch as they have pastures adjacent to us that burned as well. There are no words to express my gratitude to those who have been so generous. God urges us to encourage each other and that is exactly what this community has done for those who have lost so much!

Your thoughts, prayers, and donations are truly a blessing from God and each one of you has played a crucial role in rebuilding this grateful Prairie Center Community! Thank you again!

Matt Berry

Torrington, Wyoming

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