The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: How to do your best work |

The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: How to do your best work

Do you ever have too many irons in the fire? Maybe that doesn’t happen to you…..but for me all those irons can look confusing when I’m trying to grab the right one. When this happens to me, I may drive right by that windmill that is no longer pumping because I now have the “rancher stare” going on. You know the look, you’re checking on things in the pasture and your eyes widen, you haven’t blinked in five minutes, and you’ve lost track of what you’re doing. Laughter would break out if you could only see yourself. Then suddenly something snaps you back to reality… maybe a bull that steps out onto the ranch road…so this might have happened but all is well, nothing a welder can’t repair. And no bulls were injured in the making of this ranch life.

That “rancher stare” is the first sign, then you forget, then you snap back. So how do you overcome such symptoms and do your best work? It all begins with asking yourself a few simple questions.

How To Do Your Best Work

1. Ask Yourself What’s Important: More than likely you have come to the place where you are adding more of the unimportant. Asking what’s important can clarify, I might add, what’s important to you? Is having a family with values important? Then make time around the dinner table with your family a priority. Values can’t be built if you never see them.

2. Am I Saying No to Guilt Trips: Is guilt the motivation behind my response. Some of us might need a vaccine for going on this trip. You even know the person who will buy your ticket before they even approach. You’re eyes meet….then from across the room they glide towards you…..NO!!! Not a romance novel!! You just want to duck and run, but what you really need to do is face it head on. You don’t even have to be rude. The first “no” is always the hardest.

3. Do I Think Before I Say Yes: These are the yeses that support your life missions and goals. Deciding what’s important, saying no to guilt trips, and then building in the yeses that are supportive of who God created you to be. Those “yeses” will no doubt take work. It’s not work that we are trying to get away from but if we want to do our best work, these “yeses” will reinforce our best work.

By asking yourself these questions, your best work will begin to take shape. We all get sidetracked, we often have good intentions but our best work helps us to stay focused and benefits those around us. Can you imagine what that looks like to avoid the “rancher stare” in your own life? I know for myself it will mean happy bulls and a happier husband who doesn’t spend his afternoon welding up a trip hopper feeder door.

Ecc. 3:12-13

“I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.

That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”

What causes you to do your best work? I always love hearing from you and you can find me at

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