The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: How to rock at being a cowboy’s wife |

The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: How to rock at being a cowboy’s wife

You’re already good at getting gates.

Number one loader of the hay and you’re quick at hooking up the trailer. You can make the feed run in 3 and-a-half hours flat….that’s when the road has been graded! You can make a pot roast, make a baby swing out of jeans, and carry lunch to the pasture without spilling the beans.

What’s next? You mean there’s more? More than branding, vaccinations, and cutting out cattle, all while trying to read his lips. More than follow me with the come-along and a flashlight? More than vet wrap and mildew bedroll sheets? More than…?

Yes there is more. There’s always more, right? Isn’t that why we consume so much television and internet, our endless search for more? Our search for becoming better?

Maybe you’re like me; you don’t rock at cutting huevos, or wrestlin’ a steer.

Maybe you often spill the beans on the floorboard, while delivery lunch to the pasture.

It’s possible that the baby swing may have broken mid swing and the baby got dumped on his head. Sorry Trace, I’ve already opened a counseling fund, to straighten out your grandmother’s mistakes!

It’s awesome to “rock” at things, and I admire those women who can do it all. That’s not me!

It’s not a matter of how well you can do something. It’s not a matter of perfecting your “wife rocking skills” it’s this following question that will make the difference. Who is Your Rock? Who is solid when all other things fall apart?

This next statement, whether you’re married, single, a college student, retired, or somewhere in-between, helps us to rock at life in general. When we draw closer to God, We draw closer to each other.

Why is that? Perhaps now the relationship is not centered on ourselves. It’s no longer about who was right or wrong. Now the relationship looks more like what God intended, “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.” What if we thought more like Christ? What if we took more of the servant role? We take the shift from our own home to help out the neighbor down the road. We make a meal for the gal who had the horse wreck and spend time on our knees praying for her.

You want to rock at being a cowboy’s wife? Shift your focus from within your own walls.

I was thinking about desperate times in our life. Times of financial difficulties, physical set backs, or loss. Those who answered the call to help us, I can see their faces even now as I write.

Our Sunday School Class at Southside Baptist, paid all our bills for six months, while my man recovered from a horse wreck. Friends who showed up with clothes and household items after our home burnt and we lost everything. An invitation for lunch, after I lost my mom. Even now, I feel the prayers of our own church family, as they pray for us and our church body.

If these examples haven’t inspired you, maybe the following ideas can help you generate the fire in your soul for more…….it has mine. As I’m reminded of others, I want to do more! I want to be all in! I want to ROCK!

• Fill someone’s truck with fuel, or send a gift certificate for them to fill up. They don’t need to know it’s from you

• It’s back to school time. Leave school supplies at the door of a family in financial need. This time of year can be expensive for young families

• Visit someone who is lonely. Our elderly often get forgotten

• Mow someone’s lawn

• Visit someone in prison, or write a letter

• Go to the electric company or phone company and pay someone’s bill

• Volunteer to help at your church, food bank, or shelter

• Battle on your knees. Pray for someone battling cancer or divorce

• Babysit for a couple that could use a night out

Let’s get our focus on a God-centered plan. Let’s change our focus from pinpoint to spotlight. Spotlight pointed straight at God. Our vision isn’t big enough to imagine what God has in mind. It wants to stay put on me because that’s small, but if we really want to rock…..we look to the Rock! And His vision is big. Big enough, that if we trust Him, He will lead us to bigger things. Important things, MAKE A DIFFERENCE THINGS!

What other suggestions do you have to shift our focus to, Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves? Always love hearing from you.


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