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The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife:

Usually by now I am knee deep in resolutions, oh wait…it’s February so I’m slacking a bit but still believing that somehow I’m still sticking to it. Yes, my running routine has turned into a fast walk…I’ve got shine splints. My once a month grocery shopping is looking like several cheater stops for milk, eggs, and just one candy bar…or two or twenty. As for loping my horse everyday, well that is only when it’s above 60 degrees and the wind isn’t blowing a thousand miles an hour.

Now, I can’t leave that alone, I need to talk about my reading plan. Yep, this cowboy pastor’s wife is super spiritual so I must read my Bible at least 2 hours a day to rank in the list of the “Holier Than Thous”…thus meaning I will have a scripture for every question I am asked and I will be calm at all times! Those of you that know me…that’s not happening!

This year though has been a bit different. I have decided on a different approach. I have decided on a more meaningful year. Micah 6:8… tells me what God thinks is good. Three things that I have written on my huge kitchen chalkboard as a constant reminder. I hope that the big chalky letters, will give a much needed pep talk to my brain cells.

Just these three things, written plainly….

1. Act Justly

2. Love Mercy

3. Walk Humble With My God

Yep, that’s it! Easy right? Maybe too easy but when it comes to actually applying them, there is a struggle between my flesh and my spirit. It’s the adjustment between me thinking I have become better than someone else or that someone else doesn’t deserve my mercy. Besides, they have done something much worse to me…right? It also is the place between the constant need to talk about myself or my story. It’s the ability to shut that train down quicker than a cowboy can lope up for dinner. Humility is so opposite than the practice of “me”..which our culture is currently engulfed in. Ummmm…excuse me while I point to myself here! How did I manage to point to me again? I’m telling you, I’ve got some work to do!

Now, these three things are no easy task. There is much more to it than just reading it and heading out the door. I must also do these things with God. In doing so, I am also reminded that I must do them in love.

Here’s a few question to ask yourself, do I walk humbly or do I brag about my accomplishments? Do I want others to notice me or do I compliment others in their wins? Do I chose what is right or justify wrong motives?

If I back up a bit to the beginning of this scripture it tells me “What is good…and what the Lord requires of me” This is His requirement. Not something I might have to do…not something I can think about and then decide but actually what I need to do.

You see, goal setting is good but changing our character to match the character of Christ is far more important. It changes how we approach our goals. It puts God first and loves others above ourselves. These three things are what I’m working on in 2020. Sure, I will continue to work at running, I will continue to set goals for my writing but I will challenge myself in the goals God has set before me, His requirements.

1. Act Justly

2. Love Mercy

3. Walk Humbly

Now, it’s up to me and you to do those things at the beginning and during each decision that we make. We can also look for those character qualities if you’re single looking for a spouse, or in a friend you want as a mentor. We can use it when looking for a job. We can use it when valuing others above ourselves. We can use these requirements as a means to know what God says is good.

What goals have you set for 2020? I hope you will keep these three simple, or not so simple things in mind each day, even if you’ve already failed at the goals you’ve set. Start again, start fresh, start with God.

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Thank you for reading.