Thoman: You are part of the problem |

Thoman: You are part of the problem

We have been receiving Tri-State Livestock News for many years – probably over 20. We no longer want to read or receive this paper. After reading the article, “Agriculturalists join rally at nation’s capital,” we’ve had enough. If you can no longer print truth, don’t bother sending us your paper. It’s garbage.

While reading, one could make inferences about what really went on. Carrie Stadheim wrote about a few farmers who attended the rally. Yes, quoting them without an eye to the truth. It was misleading and false – blatant lies. oWithout writing and counteracting the farmers accounts with actual facts, you have left the reader with an impression of the main stream media blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

One could make inferences about the falsehood that the election was stolen, a blatant lie that has been disproven time and time again. One could possibly think that the entire event was full of Christians and patriotic people who were so peaceful. This is far from the truth. People lost their lives that day. People were violent and destructive. Even when you quoted Trump, you failed to write about the comments that he made that were most damaging.

We could go on and on about this particular article, but I’d advise you to read it again. It’s despicable. It is news sources like Tri-State Livestock that we can do without. We’ve had enough fake news. You need to do better. You are part of the problem. Get it right next time.

Greg and Janice Thomann

Riverside, Iowa

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