Thullner: “Get a loan” who cares |

Thullner: “Get a loan” who cares

The Trump imposed trade tariffs and the border wall government shut down crisis could eliminate the family farm and ranch, but who cares?

Production agriculture is now seeing a back log of the marketing of unprocessed food products, that has been produced below the cost of production, which is creating a market surplus bin pantry in the United States that will take years of renewed marketing challenges, with another US planting starting shortly in some areas.

The Trump tariffs are really a consumer tax that that is being paid by the US consumer. This was seen immediately in the increased cost of steel and new manufactured goods.

The recent experienced, of a 53 percent loss in net farm income, projected higher input costs combined; especially, with the local whammy of the unprecidence property tax increase percentages leaves those in agriculture and those property renting landlords in limbo!

Those removed and outside production agriculture wonder why producing livestock sellers cannot afford to sell at current prices and those that want to improve or expand herds cannot get loans from lenders and with the forced FSA offices closed, because of Trump’s personal acknowledgement of the longest government shutdown in history. Spring is coming and these past energetic young, that have been and are entering production agriculture need their beginning farmer and rancher operating loans now!

This partial Trump government shutdown is causing great harm to US agriculture. This country has 800,000 federal workers being ordered to work without pay and federal contractors that are expected to never be paid. Cattle producers need to realize that some of these workers would take there families out for steaks, with earned personal paychecks. We need to find out how much was the extra cost to the taxpayers for the fast food table surplus ordered by Trump’s glutteny, photo-op for his staff meeting for show consumption and how much was discarded into the dumpster?

Now, Secretary of Commerce, Wilber Ross, said that unpaid federal workers should not go to food banks for family nourishment. That these workers should get a loans. Secretary Ross, does not know history that after the stock market crash of 1929, banks closed, and that soup line kitchens were formed.

Producers and lenders who are relying on crop insurance loss benefits are in for a bigger surprise. Farm bill insurance budgeted subsidized outlays are based on projected long-range crop prices. Government supported crop insurance premiums are expected to decline by 12 billion dollars over the next decade because these subsidized premiums are based on continued lower crop prices, as projected by the USDA.

Farming and ranching are the easiest occupations to be in when families receive a just profit. The choice to be in production agriculture is by far the greatest career way of life known in history but mainly, it should be a most rewarding way, to make this an enjoyment for a life long living for one’s family.

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