Thullner: Jan. 6 was a day of damage |

Thullner: Jan. 6 was a day of damage

On January 6, the Feast of Epiphany by the Christian calendar found President Donald Trump instructing 1000s of his true base followers in Washington, DC to directly march down to the United States Capitol Building and cause damage and carnage.

This pillaging of government property and the loss of life by a protecting responder, who was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher, an entrustment that is designed to be to protect lives and property. No doubt, these same Trump supporters are the ones that wanted the wall built on the Mexico United States border to keep the thugs out. These supporters showed the world how to climb the walls of the United States Capitol Building.

My dad immigrated from the country of Austria in 1923 and settled in Fall River county. The same country where Adolf Hitler was born. Hilter was trying to be a political force of leadership in Germany for many years. When Hitler finally won a leadership role he got rid of parliament and became his one man rule. I visit my Austrian relatives on a regular time frame and on the last visit my sister and I were the only direct offspring descendants from the United States of a parent that immigrated that enjoyed a dignitary status by helping my dad’s home village celebrate its 800th anniversary.

This riot mob overtaking the United States Capitol and the sitting Congress is a personal disgrace to me and should be to all Americans that are descendants of immigrants. Many times my Austrian relatives commented “why didn’t your dad bring all of his siblings to America?” My dad survived the 1930s by farming in Campbell County and traveling to St. Paul, MN during the winter months to work cutting meat at a hog kill plant in South St Paul. Did my dad ever believe that this country would ever see a revolution in this country? Yes! Dad was a government history buff that started as a young man beginning with the Russian revolution.

Those in production agriculture are finding that almost 40 percent of 2020 net farm income is from our ‘socialist’ government payments. The current loss of world export markets have been curtailed by imposed Trump tariffs. The loss of these markets and true producer market value based income had to be made up by the desperate government buying vote payments for all to survive.

Ancient history tells of how, Emperor Nero, fiddled while Rome burned, and so it was with Donald Trump who was watching television when both the United States Capitol Legislative branches were over run with blood and human pillage!


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