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We need answers before the election

A number of questions come to my mind with the coming election on June 5. Where is the accountability for those who aided and abetted through the federal programs, EB-5 and the Gear Up issues? The people who steered those programs’ funds to South Dakota and their aids should be held responsible for where those monies go.

Where is the accountability for former Senator Johnson and, damn sure now, Senator Rounds who pushed the Dakota Beef project that took years to start running and faster to go bankrupt.

Also where is the accountability for the Gear Up fiasco. All told seven dead people. Kristi Noem is our Representative and along with Senator Thune should also be held responsible. Let’s not forget our Attorney General Marty Jackley who was appointed to the Attorney General’s office by then Governor, now Senator Rounds. They should have kept track of these shenanigans. It smells to high heaven.

No more cover-ups. We the citizens of South Dakota deserve better. No more killing people initiatives demanding an ethics commission. Why did Joop Bollen get off so lightly and why didn’t Jackley demand that Joop produce the records he ran off with? No wonder this state is looked on as one of the three most corrupt states in the nation.

Marvin Kammerer

Rapid City, SD

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