Brutal South Africa farm attacks ongoing |

Brutal South Africa farm attacks ongoing

For 25 years now, in a phenomenon known as “Farm Attacks” South Africa’s farmers have been the target of a brutal slow war.

Often perpetrated by well-trained, well-equipped criminals using paramilitary methods, the attacks have a reputation for brutal torture even of elderly victims and of children. Torture, including burning with household irons and welding equipment, goes on for hours after the victims have surrendered and turned over any valuables they have.

In his master’s thesis on the topic, researcher Cristopher Gumbi suggests that the attackers have no fear of law enforcement, believing themselves to be protected. For their part, the South African Police Service (SAPS) is on the defensive – they have abandoned some smaller police stations at night, preferring to pull back to more defensible locations. Themselves suffering a high rate of violent deaths and of suicide, SAPS members are often accused of corruption.

Statements by politicians of major political parties, including the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and the third most powerful Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), inflame tensions and encourage attacks on South Africa’s white minority Boer farmers. In the run-up to the general elections on May 8, the situation has deteriorated; Farm Attacks are now a daily occurrence, often no more than shooting a farmer from outside the farm’s gate and speeding off.

Tired of the identity politics demonizing whites for the failures of a corrupt and incompetent ANC-led government, the attached undated photo shows blacks protesting in solidarity with persecuted white farmers against a phenomenon that South Africa’s current President has denied is even occurring.