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Dennis Ginkens, General Manager of Sales & Marketing

Ginkins has spent a lifetime making acquaintance with horse and cattle folks across the region.

Born and raised in Washington, Iowa, Ginkins has been very active in the horse industry for the last 30 years.

After gaining an interest not only in the riding and showing of horses, but also in the sale of them, Ginkins signed up for auctioneer school at Mason City, Iowa. After learning the auctioneer chant, he worked the ring and occasionally took the microphone at local salebarns; meanwhile he served as a ringman at more and more horse sales across the country.

He later found success working auto auctions, calling three per week at his peak as both the auctioneer and ringman. All the while Ginkens was training, showing and selling top-notch cutting horses, along with working more and more horse sales and later moved to Billings, Montana, where he worked as the General Manager of Sales for the Western Ag Reporter for several years.

Dennis and his wife Holly have two sons and two daughters: Logan (Marisa and grandson Grayson), Matt, Jolyssa and Kaylea.

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